Rick Perry Says That He Had Tons Of Fun With Senator Al Franken ‘On His Couch’

There was a gigantic LOL moment in the Capitol today as Energy Secretary-designee Rick Perry once again said something weird.

Senator Al Franken began his questioning by asking if Rick Perry “enjoyed” meeting him. Perry responded by saying, well…just watch the clip.

It took a minute for everyone to comprehend what exactly Perry had just said, but the minute his words sunk in, the whole chamber was filled with laughter.

“Permission to rephrase?” Perry asked after-the-fact.

“Please,” responded the entire country, and Al Franken.

Perry has been nominated to lead the Energy Department; which he not only once proposed to eliminate, but also notoriously forgot the name of during a GOP Presidential debate. Reports suggest that until the last few days, Perry fundamentally misunderstood what the work of the Energy Department even was.

But at least he has now given us a moment of light-hearted LMAO-ing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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