I Asked 13 People For Their Unedited Thoughts On Trump’s Inauguration. Here They Are.

Flickr / oriana.italy
Flickr / oriana.italy

1. “Even though I did not vote for trump and never wanted him to be president, I honestly don’t think life for ANYBODY is going to dramatically change because of his presidency. I don’t think he’s a racist, I don’t think he only cares about himself, and I don’t think he will put our lives as American citizens in danger. Is it still shocking he got elected? Of course it is. Would I have rather had Hillary Clinton running our country? Yes I would. I just don’t think there’s a reason to freak out.”

— Greg, 22

2. “I’m expecting the worst, while hoping for the best.”

— Anonymous, 21

3. “Terrified for foreign relations.”

— Alex, 23

4. “I mainly wanted to block today out, because the thought of a sexist racist xenophobic bully becoming one of the most powerful leaders in the country scares me. I am planning on watching other outlets talk about later, but it’s kind of hard to block it out. This is because my mom decided to blast NPR (which was covering the inauguration) and then decided to turn on the TV and ask me questions about who was who and why they were there. Eventually, I got out of the house because I just needed to escape from everything surrounding the event and just took a long walk around my neighborhood.”

— Sharon, 22

5. “Now I know why I have been upset and at unease all day. Almost succeeded in forgetting about Trump’s Inauguration today.. Saaaaad.”

— Farah, 23

6. “He can go fuck himself.”

— LC, 23

7. “I have to be honest. I’m a little concerned his entire inaugural address sounded like an insult, a call to war, and a preemptive script to place blame when his asinine ideas fall through. Concerning the call to war, as the day went on the White House issued a few of Trumps official policies, two of which being if NAFTA isn’t what he wants we’re out, and the country is going to pile even more onto its nuclear defense in order to fend of Iran and…North Korea? Um…okay. Are we even sure North Korea was successful with those tests? Because anybody with a smartphone can see they threaten this stuff at least once a year in a bid to be taken seriously. He definitely seems to have a plan, it sounded like a pretty violent one.”

— Sarah Hughes, 29

8. “MAGA.”

— Anonymous, 18

9. “I’m just glad we’re getting one step closer to the impeachment.”

— Levi Griffith, 20

10. “Due to popular demand, our Long National Nightmare is back and better than ever!”

— Josh, 22

11. “His speech was disappointing. Way to may America look like a nation falling apart. As a conservative, I am very sad. His proposed policies come across as exaggerated caricatures of real conservative values. Worst of all, the man is really dumb or at least his rhetoric is.

I mean my brother seemed to be a goof at times when he mispronounced simple words like ‘nuclear’, but it was in good spirit — this guy is best described as angry and dumb. Not a good combo. Sad! Also the Black Bloc anarchist/antifa vandals that destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property and harmed police officers during the inauguration are the epitome of deplorables. Made all protests look bad, including the peaceful ones. smh so angry right now can’t even enjoy my wife’s homemade guac.”

— Jeb Bush, 63 (I feel like it’s not actually, but what do I know?)

12. “I purposely did not watch any inauguration events (even the Trump speech, though I did read it). Crazy thoughts, Melania’s throwback to Jacqueline Kennedy was a nice touch. Melania is a beautiful woman and she knows how to show it off. That’s wonderful, I just wish we had previously seen less of her.

The crowd was so obviously smaller than the one in 2009 for President Obama and in all due respect I can see where the crowd for the 1st black president would be larger. So maybe President Trump should not have spoken about crowd size. Of course there are many things, the former Mr. Trump should not have spoken about. I so totally disagree with President Trump’s ideas of how American is to be made great again. Climate change is real!, Isolationism is not good for our country let alone the world and buy American; make American will not happen.

The jobs our country has lost are the ones we didn’t want to pursue. As a country, it seems to me that we stopped progressing into the new age of instant communications, internet, and science–that’s where the jobs are, but we stagnated and didn’t want to learn anything new. We wanted our assembly line jobs. A little story about my late husband. In the mid 80’s we were in search of a new car.

My husband was and had been a automobile mechanic since his graduation from high school. So he goes out looking for cars and he comes and tells me he found a Buick Regal he really liked. Back to the auto dealer we go and I look at the car, looks okay to me, then the salesman says do you want to look under the hood? My husband who had worked on cars almost he entire life, said NO! I like the little man on the dash running back and forth (the digital dashboard) but I don’t want to know how he works! A clue maybe to where we lost our greatness.

In closing, I will wait and see what this new President does and give him the benefit of the doubt. However, if he attempts to undo the progress made in the last eight years with the gay community, we health care, environmental issues, I will the first on the line demonstrating against him and his changes, calling congressman and senators anything I can do to stop his making America less.”

— Lorraine

13. “Sh*t.”

— Dexter, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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