Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Shooting At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Warning: Some of the Twitter video feed may be graphic. Reader discretion is advised.
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1. Shots were fired at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida.

2. At least five people have been killed, the scene has been described as “chaos.” Up to 12 people may have been injured.

3. People on social media have jumped in to describe the events of the shooting:

4. The shooter is allegedly Esteban Santiago, a former member of the Alaska National Guard. It has been confirmed that he was the only shooter.

5. The shooting apparently began after Santiago retrieved his gun from checked baggage after de-planning from the flight. It is suspected that his gun was checked legally.

6. However, others are saying that the shooting began from a bathroom at the airport terminal.

7. The Florida-bound flight Santiago is said to have been on apparently departed from Anchorage, and flew through Minneapolis.

8. He is said to have used a handgun, and three rounds of ammunition. According to MSNBC, after firing three rounds, he is said to have thrown his gun on the ground and “lay spread-eagle on the ground.”

9. Santiago was carrying military ID at the time. He had previously lived in Naples, Florida and New Jersey before moving to Alaska.

10. NBC News reports that his family was originally from Puerto Rico. He was 26-years-old.

11. Law enforcement does not yet have a formal theory on his motive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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