Everything We Know So Far About Shane Dawson’s Claim That He Was Kicked Out Of A Party For Holding Hands With His BF

via Twitter
via Twitter

Twitter was in flames last night after Shane Dawson claimed that suffered leg injuries after being kicked out of a military party hosted by TheBlaze commentator Tomi Lahren.

Dawson, who is bisexual, attended the event with his boyfriend Ryland Adams. Initial reports claimed that he was kicked out for holding Adams’ hand at the party:


In a string of tweets that have since been deleted, Dawson tells his side of the story:


Tomi Lahren herself commented on the events, calling it all “fake news.”

I don’t think Shane Dawson is a news outlet, so not sure how you call him personally “fake news,” but whatever — besides the point.

Lahren claims that Dawson and his boyfriend were being disruptive at the event by trying to kiss in a photo with her. Bizarrely, though, there’s questions about whether the photo of two men kissing at the party in front of Lahren is even Dawson and Adams at all:

Dawson has since clarified some of his original comments, saying he isn’t 100% sure that it was Lahren who kicked him out of the party.

Dawson still appears to stand by his story, though regrets dragging Lahren into it before getting more information:

On first glance, neither Lahren’s nor Dawson’s original stories make 100% sense. Hopefully, if there was indeed violence directed at him, Dawson has reached out to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

In one of his final tweets before going to bed, Dawson promises to explain everything “at some point”. If we get those details, we’ll update this post. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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