Celebrities Made This Moving Video Honoring President Obama And It’ll Leave You Teary Eyed

President Obama will be leaving office with a 56% approval rating, which is a record high for an outgoing President, and much higher than the favorability rating of incoming President Donald J. Trump.

Clearly, many people will miss our 44th President. But in this video, celebrities and everyday Americans came together to honor the work President Obama has done over the course of his term.

Video participants were asked to share the moments that made them believe Obama lived up to his promise of “Yes We Can!”

Leonardo DiCaprio talked about Obama’s speech at the United Nations,

via Youtube
via Youtube

And Kerry Washington confessed that Obama’s term was the first were she felt apart of “We The People…”

via YouTube
via YouTube

Here’s what everyone else had to say:

Good luck President Obama. You will be missed. TC mark

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