50 Truly Terrifying Creepy Stories That’ll Scare You Into Perpetual Insomnia

31. The uber driver who wasn’t an uber driver…

I don’t drink as a general rule, but once a month or so I’ll go out with friends and binge. My friends and I had a great night at a bar in the city, and they left. I was chatting up a cute guy so I decided to stay. I went back to his place. Post-coitus (very unsatisfying for anyone interested), I’m ready to head home so I call an Uber to pick me up. I don’t know where I am – I know the city I’m in but not my exact location. I order the Uber, but it’s taking forever (“requesting….requesting….requesting…”) so I cancel it and try again. Pretty soon a car pulls up. I drunkenly mumble something like, “s’this the Uber?” and I hop in. Mistake. Ubers apparently are supposed to have some kind of marking on the vehicle.

The guy pulls away and starts driving. We’re chatting, I’m fumbling for a cigarette, and the next thing I notice is that we’re headed on the highway, but in the opposite direction of where I thought we needed to drive. And we’re going at a solid 90mph. Then I get a call from my Uber driver. He’s there, and I’m not. Because I’m in a car with a fucking nutcase.

I start texting my friend frantically counting off mile markers for her. Then I realize that’s going to do jack, because she’s probably drunk too. So I call 9-1-1, but I realize this guy is crazy – he’s refusing to let me out of the car – So I’ve got to do it on the sly. It’s been 40 minutes now. I’m terrified. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know who this is. We’re driving at over 100mph, weaving in and out of traffic. This guy is trying to get me to hang up my phone call (“yo get off the phone; the fuck are you calling? Better not be a snitch”), and also smoking pot, so I don’t want to do anything that might provoke a violent reaction from him. I start chatting to the 9-1-1 dispatcher as if it’s my friend, praying that they’ll catch on. “Hey girl, it’s me! Yeah I’m with someone right now, we’re driving past [highway exit]. No sweetie, it’s not my Uber. I thought it was, but it’s not. It’s a shame you can’t come and meet me and bring friends.

Thank sweet baby Jesus, the operator catches on! He gets me to stay on the phone while he sends cops, and we develop a code – if I see cops, I’m supposed to casually put my hand out the window, which looks semi normal because I’m smoking a cigarette.

We pull into some random little housing complex and he busts out some powder and forms two lines. I now have confirmation that he does drugs, which means he’s probably emotionally volatile. I relay this to the operator, in code (“oh girl I wish you were here right now, this guy just busted out the coke! You’d love it. He’s taking a really big bump, man after my own heart”) etc.

Pretty soon I can see the lights from the cop cars so I start waving my hand out the window – at this point I don’t care if he’s on to me or not. I don’t know if he has a weapon but I slump down in my seat just in case things get hot. The cops surround us, get him out of the car, and then (once it’s safe) they extricate me as well. They whisk me to the hospital for a drug test and evaluation and that’s where my story ends. On my way to the hospital, as I’m explaining all this to the officer, I find out that of the guy’s 40-ish years on this earth, he’s been in federal prison for 30 of them, for violent offenses.

I want people to learn from my mistakes, and if nothing else, call 9-1-1 and STAY ON THE LINE. TL;DR by being drunk and stupid, I got into a car with a violent felon who may have been trying to kidnap me. With some quick thinking on my part and a 9-1-1 dispatcher sent from the gods above, I’m okay.

I don’t have much by way of proof, but here’s a screen cap of the texts I sent my friend, as well as my hospital band. On the second pic you vaguely see a bruise forming from where he attempted to physically grab the phone from my hand at one point.

— MyOwnGuitarHero

32. Don’t let dad take you for a “drive”

When I was a kid, my family often vacationed with their friends’ families, and we’d all live together in a giant beach house or cabin for a week. This must have been one of the first of those vacations.

I wanted to hang out with the rest of the kids, but since they were all at least one year older than me, they thought I was uncool. I followed my sister around the house, but since she didn’t want to play with me, I mostly just eavesdropped on everybody’s conversations.

One day, all the kids happened to be in one room, no adults, plenty of toys, hella fun. Off to the side was this tiny door, the tiniest I had ever seen, which led to a dark, empty room. I remember we were absolutely fascinated by that tiny door, and the older kids would make up stories about it. Jennifer was the eldest, and in my memories she’s a teenager, but that might be skewed since I thought everyone in the “double-digits” was super mature. She even knew how to use her mom’s cell phone!

All the kids were playing, having fun, enjoying their childhood. Then Jennifer got a call. She had to ask us to be quiet several times, and she sounded really serious. I thought this request was silly and a little annoying, since I really wanted to play.

The call ended. Jennifer told us, “My dad is coming back here soon.”

Jennifer’s dad had driven away for a few hours, but now was driving back. Someone asked questions about where he went and what he was doing. I think she said something about drinking.

At some point Jennifer addressed all of us and said something like, “My dad looks at kids and takes them on drives. You all have to be really careful when he comes back.” I couldn’t grasp anything else she said.

Then she talked to a girl and a boy. “I noticed he was looking at you two a lot, so you both have to be really, really careful. I think he wants to take you each on a drive, but don’t go with him if he asks.”

Their conversation went on for a while, and I felt jealous that they talked so much with Jennifer and that her dad was looking at them instead of me. Why wasn’t I special? I grew bored of listening to them and went back to playing

A car pulled up, and Jennifer told us to go in the tiny door room. We brought some toys along. I was PSYCHED to go through the tiny door, but it ended up being a dark, empty room without any fairies or hobbits. After a while, we left.

As far as I know, nothing bad happened on that trip. I grew up with the two kids Jennifer talked to, and they seem pretty well-adjusted. But Jennifer and her family never vacationed with us again.

I told my family this story, and they thought it was an imaginary memory that my four-year-old brain had concocted. My parents are positive there weren’t any weird, creepy, or alcoholic dads there, just their good friends. My sister didn’t remember any of it.

I can’t rationalize how or why I would have imagined it. My childhood was great and I had zero concept of pedophiles and alcoholism until I was like eleven. Luckily this experience did not ruin tiny doors for me in the slightest. love me some tiny doors

— 16-bitch

33. Man with Samurai sword breaks into our house

This is the point of view of myself, dad, and my sister. This was about 2 years ago I was 16, it was Monday morning like around 6 am. My dad, two sisters, and myself were at home sleeping while my mom was out at the gym.

My sister had heard someone ring the doorbell, she was about to get up and answer it when she heard my dads footsteps heading towards the door so she went back to sleep. That’s when she heard my dads footsteps go from walking to pacing back and forth around the house. She heard my dad talking to the cops saying that someone was on our front lawn and if they can come get him. Fast forward to almost a half hour later and that’s when I woke up to my dad screaming, at first I was thinking that my parents were fighting but then I heard a window break from my parents room. That’s when I got up from my bed, got a bat and went out and just as I was getting out from my room and my dad closing his door to his room I saw this huge guy (he reminded me of Mr.T) climbing inside through the window.

As my dad was shutting the door he put his feet up against a file cabinet we have and his back towards the door with a katana samurai sword in hand(avid knife and sword collector) keeping the guy out of the rest of the house. While my dad was doing this he was talking(screaming)to the 911 operator saying that this was the 3rd time he had called the cops and nobody had shown up and the guy was inside our house. I told my dad to give me the phone because I was a little more calm and I answered the questions of the operator. That’s when the guy started pushing against the door trying to get through and my dad told me to get back and protect my sisters if the guy were to get through, so I did. Luckily the mad had stopped pushing the door and the cops at last got there. Two cops went inside the room with tasers drawn and told the man to get on the floor, he just looked at them and started walking towards them and that’s when the cops fired their tasers and all the guy did was look at the darts and say “ow” and then proceeded to take them off.

At the end the cops were able to talk him down and get him in cuffs.The cops told us he might’ve been on PCP and was just looking for a place to sleep because he only had on shoes and shorts.What my dad told us afterwards was that the man had opened the side door and went around back and went inside the dogs house to sleep (we used to have a big husky b4 he passed) and then afterwards got my scooter I had left outside and smashed my parents window. He climbed in and got my moms IPad and went onto YouTube looking at the most popular vids lol.

My mom got home to a scene of 6 squad cars and 2 firetrucks outside of the house. What’s crazy is that my dad was going to go the gym as well but he got lazy and slept in. I don’t know what would’ve happened if my dad wasn’t there but I am grateful he was. Also glad the man didn’t break in through the front because then we would’ve have had to fight to guy since he would’ve been near my sisters room.

When they were taking him out the cops and paramedics saw that he was too big to fit with the gurney so they told him he was gonna have to walk and he says, “aaww man you gon make me walk?!” lol I don’t know what exactly happened to him afterwards but big guy that broke into my house that reminded me of Mr.T… Lets hope we never meet again.

— datsuniscrazy

34. Creepers at Walmart

Yesterday while walking around alone the local superstore on my way home from work, I spotted this group of three younger men. I’m typically the type to keep my head down and just keep walking on, but they were acting loud and carrying on in the store so it was hard not to stare for a second.

Any matter, I moved on and went to the Automotive section and they were there. Grabbed a few cans of pet food, and as I rounded the corner, there they were again.

“No big deal” I thought, and carried on with my shopping as these things happen all the time.

As I stopped into the pharmacy area, they were there again. I made eye contact and smiled at one of them, as I wasn’t uncomfortable at this time. He did not smile back and gave me a very cold stare. It was strange, but I was thinking “Well, maybe that person had a bad day”, shrugged it off and prepared myself for the potential hell that the checkout lines can sometimes be at these places. I looked up while I was waiting to pay, and noticed that the men were there, waiting at the end of the scanner isles on benches. Again, I thought “Eh, not a big deal.” and grabbed my bag of goodies and was on my way out. I didn’t see anyone as I was walking out of the store but remember thinking was strange how I seemed to keep running into the same people inside a huge superstore like that.

Where this story takes a downturn, is here.

I typically park on the side of the building, there are more parking spaces than in the front, and it’s easier to get in/out. So as I exit, I recognize the same group of 3 men who I had seen around the store. Keys in hand, I walk towards my car about 30 feet away. When I’m about 5 feet from my car, I hear loud steps coming up behind me. At this point, I’m thinking “Maybe they’re just going to the car next to mine.” Unfortunately that was not the case.

I get in and lock my doors out of habit, just as the 3 men surround my vehicle. Asking me “Where you goin’ sweetheart?! We just want to talk!”. One is trying to open my front passenger side door. The others are standing next to my back drivers side door and behind my car.

At this point, my heart is racing, and without giving it a second thought, I put my car in reverse and sped out of that parking space like a bat out of hell. As I was putting my car from Reverse to drive, they had one more opportunity to say something to me.

“We’re here all the time. See you soon, sweetheart!”

Luckily I was able to get out of the parking lot, and get home. Albeit a little shaken.

— swankyslippers

35. Crazy Russian lady tries to buy our son

My wife and I welcomed our son Lucas (not his real name of course) six months ago, its been a learning curve and this having babies thing is not for the birds but things are finally starting to go smoothly. He is finally sleeping through the night, and that nasty colic he had is gone. I am very lucky that I get to work from home, even luckier my wife owns her own business (photographer) She is home whenever shes not shooting a wedding, or at her studio. Most mornings we take a six and a half mile walk, and Lucas is strapped into his baby carrier and we take off.

We usually make it around half way before we need to stop to give little man a bottle so he will pass out and let us finish the walk in peace. So like usual we are about half way done with our walk and the baby starts cranking up for a massive squall. We usually normally stop at either a park or this nice fountain area with a coffee shop and grocery store attached. We both wanted coffee in the worst way so while i sat with the baby, wife went into the coffee shop for our caffeine.

I am slowly rocking Lucas as I feed him, when I hear someone sit on the bench next to me. I smell her before i see her, a heavy cloying, perfume. Shes dolled up to the nines, an older woman, between her late 30’s to forty’s she has that hard look that makes her look older than she probably is. “Vat Kind of baby is dat?” she inquires in a heavy Russian accent

I have a propensity for being a smart ass so i reply, “a baby”

“No vat kind, boy..girl?” she asks as she starts smoothing out the romper we have on the baby.

“He is a boy..six months old” I add, a little freaked out this perfect stranger is touching my kid. “Looks healthy, how much he weigh?” She asks trying to pull the baby to her to get a good look at him. Now I am hoping that my wife will come out any second but of course shes in line waiting for our Cappuccino’s . “Um i think 18 pounds, he was 9 pounds at birth.” I ramble on, hoping she will just go away. Lucas is drifting off to sleep, when she leans over and just snatches him out of my arms. “Ahh let me see big boy, big frame like papa, will be big boy no.” Now I am pissed, I ask her for him back, while I glance in the coffee shop, my wife is at the counter at this point. “Hand him over..now” I ask firmly, not to mention he is now awake and he is totally in that stranger danger stage so he was pissed. She reluctantly hands him over, I try to began to try to calm him down so at first I do not hear what she asks. “How much for baby?” I hear her the second time. “He’s not for sale!?!” I am incredulous and thankfully I see my wife get our drinks, and grab napkins and creamer

“How much you want? I pay high price for baby.” She starts touching him again and I yank him backwards.

My wife finally comes out, and sees the lady touching our kid. My wife is a total mama bear so she gives the lady dagger eyes, so she gets up and before she goes she looks at me and says, “You think about it da? ” then she walks away.

I tell my wife everything, and of course shes as freaked out as me.

Luckily its been a week and a half and we have yet to run into her again..

— Daddio30


I will start out by saying that I am not a writer by any means, I suck at it but I will try my best.

For a bit of back story, my mom was dating an abusive prick at this time. We’ll call him Ian. Because of Ian and the crazy fights they had gotten into, we couldn’t lock up my house at all. He had kicked in both the front and the back door to the house and they never fixed. My mother and “Ian” were at the bar all day, everyday. I told you this so you would know why the house wasn’t locked up and where my parents were when this happened.

This incident occurred when I was around 12 years old and my little brother around 10. I was a really small girl and this age and my brother was sick all the time so he was very, very tiny and frail. My mother and Ian were at the bar as usual.

When you opened my front door you it put you in the living room, and you could see the back door. There was a hallway to the right that led back into the bedrooms, and that is where my brother and I were. We were in his bedroom with the door closed playing something on a Playstation.

It was around midnight or 1 a.m and we were playing and having a good time when I heard a weird noise. My brother didn’t hear it and I didn’t want to creep him out. I told him that I wanted to go get a drink and told him to stay in the room and I would bring him something. To get to my kitchen you would have to walk down the hallway, in front of both the front and back door because it was behind the living room.

I kept hearing strange noises so before I left out of my brother’s room I told him to get into the closet and work on our fort so that it would be ready when I was done getting our drinks and a snack. (I raised my little brother for the most part and took care of him)

I had a terrible feeling, a sense of dread. I could tell something wasn’t right and this was a way to get my brother to hide without scaring him. He frightened easily and had really bad asthma attacks and at this time we had no inhaler or his breathing treatment machine for him (good going ma!) I knew if he started having an asthma attack on top of being scared it wouldn’t be pretty.

Anyway I left the back room and decided to see what was going on. (Because I was such a badass at 12 years old, but I had to protect my little brother) I start sneaking up the hallway as slowly and quietly as I could. I was terrified, I could “feel” that something was wrong. Before I made it to the end of the hallway I hear a man. It sounded like he was growling. It was a deep, terrifying noise. I can’t explain it but the feeling that washed over me damn near made me puke. So I of course freeze. I have no one in this town, I don’t know anyone and my dad is living in a different state, my mom is at the bar drunk as hell. I was sitting there trying to gather the courage to see what was around the corner, and going over my options when I hear my brothers door open. He sees me and the look on my face and freezes. I remember his eyes going so wide with fear because he must of heard the growl or whatever it was too. I motion him with my hands to go back in the room and he does.

I gathered the courage to peek around the corner and what I saw still freaks me out to this day. It was horrifying. I saw a man, probably around 6’6 and 300 + pounds sitting on my couch with a wicked grin on his face. That grin and the look in his eyes will forever be burned in my head. By some stupid luck the man didn’t see me. I slowly, so slowly snuck back to my brothers room. I slowly shut the door and started going over my options. My little brother was already horrified because of the growling noise this man was making, I am so thankful he wasn’t the one who saw what was out there. I mustered my brave big sister face and calmly told him that there was a man that I didn’t know on the couch and he needed to be very quiet and I needed him to be brave and keep his breathing in check. My little brother adored me and looked up to me so when I told him that I needed him to be brave he tried his best. I told him not to move and he didn’t.

The first thing I tried was the window, but it wouldn’t budge. It was completely stuck. I’m making myself stay calm for my brothers sake but I know whats sitting out there. So since the window was stuck I decided to start looking for a weapon. My older brother lived here and I know he had swords somewhere. (i dont remember where he was) As I’m looking for a weapon I hear the man sing: “I know your here”

Fuck. My stomach knotted up, the hair on the back of my necked raised and I instantly got a cold sweat. And then I hear it. My little brother had started wheezing. Asthma attack. Fuck fuck fuck. I hugged him, reminded him about being brave and told him to sit still and focus on his breathing. I started frantically trying to get my window open. But it was stuck. I looked around and started moving blankets when I find my older brothers cell phone that he always forgot. I remember thinking that I was lucky and felt a bit of relief. I immediately called the police and told them what was going on, hysterical at this point but still remaining quiet.

The dispatcher told me to remain on the phone so she could hear what was happening when the man started banging on our bedroom door. It had been about 5 minutes into the phone call when this happened and I could no longer remain calm. I fucking lost it. I started screaming. I mean blood curdling screaming. The kind of screaming that would send chills down your spine if you heard it. I forgot to mention that our bedroom had the only working lock. So the door was locked, he was trying to get in and banging on the door. His banging got louder and louder, he was screaming to let him in when it went completely silent. Then he did the creepiest, most terrifying thing ever. He started fucking laughing. “You know I could just bust this door down in about two seconds right little girl?” tap tap tap now he’s lightly knocking on the door and asking for me to open it. His demeanor completely changed. I then heard a scraping at the door. What I had imagined it was in my 12 year old head was he was scraping the door with his really long finger nails or something. But that wasn’t the case.

Then I hear the police start screaming at him to get on the ground, put his hands up, etc, etc.

I heard him putting up a fight, followed by more yelling and eventually silence. After a few minutes there was a knock on my door but at this point I was too terrified to open it. I thought that this nightmare guy was still there. So being in my hysterical state I started screaming “No no no please” over and over again. Sobbing and shaking. I couldn’t stay brave for my little brother anymore. I was on the floor holding him this whole time, convinced we were going to die.

Eventually I calmed myself a bit and this time a female officer was at the door so I opened it. There were about 5 cops standing in the hallway listening to me being hysterical. I refused to let go of my brother at this point but we both ran to this female officer and just collapsed sobbing hysterically. We had been so scared.

It turns out this guy was completely wasted and high and drugs. I remember the cops walking me up to him and having me stand in front of him to ask me if I knew this man. I didn’t. But I’ll never forget standing in front of this huge man, looking into his brown eyes that were completely bloodshot and filled with hatred. I’ll never forget that growling noise that he was making, or the look of pure horror in my little brother’s eyes.

My parents were called and investigated for leaving us alone like that and for the doors being like that. My mom is a different person now, doesn’t drink and is now married to a cop. She completely changed. I remember asking her about it later on and she told me something that I didn’t know.

The man had had a huge knife, so that’s what he was scraping the door with. And he also had some rope, tape and a tarp. I still don’t know how he didn’t get to us, or why he didn’t just bust the door down to get us. It would of taken one half assed kick from him to kick the door down. It was super thin.

It still creeps me out and I have had nightmares from it. My husband doesn’t understand why I get so furious with him when he leaves the door unlocked at night. I work third shift so I’ll come home and the door will be unlocked. It’s infuriating because I then have to go through every room in the house, and check the closets and and the other places that a person could hide in. I have two kids, and they will never, EVER go through what I did.

— freakofthenight450

37. “Your life means nothing to me.”

I live in an apartment complex on the edge of a bad neighborhood. Our immediate area is pretty good. We have a church across the street, a retirement home next door, and a grade school on the other side of the street. The rest of the neighborhood for a couple blocks is normal middle class homes.

But sometimes the area to the north of us leaks.

Our complex is gated, but it does fuck all, really, because anybody who wants to get in just waits until a resident opens the gate. I mean, it’s whatever. What can you do?

Usually I park in the guest spots just outside the gate but still in the lot, because I leave for work crazy early and I’ve been parked in before. Then I can’t figure out who did it because everyone is asleep.

So I’m parking my car, get out, reach in my pocket to hit the opener, and I’m walking through the gate when out of nowhere this silver SUV with dealer plates comes SCREAMING into the gate blasting gansta rap, misses hitting me by about 6 inches. Maybe less.

I’m pissed and stunned and I yell out “Bro you almost hit me, look where you’re going!!!”

He turns the music down and opens the window, says “What you say?” and I repeat myself.

He’s a Hispanic guy, probably in his early 20s, well dressed, good looking. He looks at me, completely calm and conversational, just as if he was saying “Excuse me, can you tell me where the 7/11 is?” and says “I don’t care, don’t you understand that? Your life is nothing to me. If you got a man up there I’ll slap the shit out of him right in front of you. Believe that.” His eyes look completely dead. Just calm and cold. That’s what scared me, not what he said.

He parks his car in the lot, music still blasting. It sits there for about 10 minutes when I hear the neighbor downstairs yelling at him to turn it down. The guy comes out of the apartment he was in, gets into his car, K turns in the parking lot, and smashes his new ride right into my neighbor’s car, then peels out of the parking lot.

The police come and talk to everyone. The apartment he visited is a couple, their child, and a room mate and her baby. The visitor is the father of the room mate’s baby. The couple knew OF him, but not who he was. The man answered the door and this dude just pushed his way in, made threats at his ex in the same calm manner, then came out, rammed the neighbors car and left, all without breaking a sweat or raising his voice.

The room mate explains she was with him for about a year and he was sweet as could be. She got pregnant, he disappeared, and when she took him to court for child support, she found out he has ELEVEN other children by TEN different women, counting her.

That’s some Hannibal Lecter shit right there, and if this guy hasn’t already killed someone, I fully believe he could. He did and said all this stuff so casually.

— finmeister

38. The scariest Halloween ever

I was 7. If you want to know my current age, do the math.

My mom helped me remember this one, so if there are further questions I will ask her as she remembers the night vividly.

It was freezing, probably within the 20-30 degree range.

I was hell-bent on going out anyways, I wanted my pillowcase to be stocked full of sweets damn it.

I dressed as a cat. Not too hard to imagine that.

(Now at the time, I had zero idea. But my rockstar mom was on-it & you can thank her for her on-par memory)

My mom noticed a very tall man dressed in all black (mom said he had black jeans on, black trenchcoat, and a black hockey mask).

He had no kids with him so that was a huge red flag to my mom.

But he did have a pumpkin basket to put candy in. Reference this.

He followed us around, house to house. Always stayed back 3 or 4 houses according to mom.

After 20 or so minutes she shrugged it off, thinking this was some really tall kid just innocently out trick-or-treating.

But the more she said she kept shrugging it off, the more uneasy she felt.

Now I do remember my pillowcase was only half full and my mom hurrying us home and me being super pouty about it.

I do not, however, remember mom putting the house on lockdown after we got in the front door. But she remembers and said she did it very quickly.

I ate some candy, brushed my teeth, got into bed. Mom laid down next to me (I remember this and thought it a little weird since I was sleeping on my own at 7).

Now this is where my mom really helped me out with this story; as I had no idea until we talked about it earlier:

Fast forward to the morning… there was a pumpkin basket full of candy with a note on top that said “meow” in chicken scratch, on our front porch right outside the front door.

My mom threw out the candy in case it was tampered with and she burned up the note.

Now what creeps me out (and I just found out from my mom earlier) is that in the middle of the night she got up from my bed to re-check the house, looked out the window, and saw him; in our front lawn staring at the house with the pumpkin basket in his hand. She didn’t think he noticed her.

She called the police, immediately. She briefed the officer on what happened. The officer said he’d do a few rounds and patrol the area.

My mom never heard back from the officer that night, or ever she said.

Mom also told me she stayed up the entire night with a pistol in her lap after seeing him in the front yard.

Since that night and up until right now, nothing weird with him has happened since.

But as for his intentions… zero idea.

— pleuvoir_etfianer

39. He wanted to keep touching my kid

A few years ago my ex husband and I were eating at the mall with my two year old daughter. She was happily munching on a cookie and watching Yo Gabba Gabba on my phone.

This old Japanese man (probably 70) walked up to us and started commenting on how pretty she is (she has curly strawberry blonde hair and sea green eyes with super pale skin) and how she looks so healthy. I say thank you, old people always love adorable kids so I don’t freak out immediately. He then proceeds to stroke her cheek and run his hands through her hair and talks about how we should bring her to his office because he is a pediatrician and he’d love to treat her. I pick her up from the high chair and hold her in my lap so he won’t touch her again. My ex husband tries to politely give cues for him to go the fuck away but have doesn’t take the hint. Then, while I’m holding her he bends over and runs his hand over her leg and gives her this creepy smile and says “It’s okay, I’m a pediatrician!”

I scoot back, glaring as I say “Don’t touch my fucking kid.” and stand up to start putting her in her stroller. We leave and he follows us out to the car asking to play with my daughter.

A few weeks pass and I go back to the same mall and end up bumping into him again. This time, my ex husband was at work.

So, I’m in Sephora and picking up some make up and I have my back turned for a minute and I hear “Mommy?” And turn to see the fucker holding my daughter. I get her back from him and loudly say, “Get the fuck away from my child.” and go to mall security to tell them. They couldn’t find him.

After that we never went back to the mall.

— ThugWhiteand7Whores

40. Who my father encountered in a rest stop bathroom

My dad works for a large printing company and they had completed a overnight rush job for a business. My dad got tasked with dropping the order off. It would take 8 hours each way to drop off the order, he was going to take my mom as she’s a retired teacher and he figured it would be nice to have someone to drive each way. However the night before he was going to leave my mom came down with the flu.

He left early the next morning and promised my mom if he got tired, he would stop either at a restaurant or rest stop. So he made it without incident to drop off the papers. It was about noon when he set off again and soon realized the traffic was horrible. My dad decided that he’d take the long way home it would add an hour or two but he feared it would take longer to wait in the traffic. He drove straight for hours until he realized he had to pee..and badly.

My dad is a prostate cancer survivor so needless to say he pees..a lot. Also he was starting to get sleepy and figured he should pull over maybe get a quick nap in. It was winter so at 4:30 the sun was starting to set and he noticed a rest stop ahead. He got out, called my mom to tell her he was stopping to stretch his legs and maybe catch a little nap then headed to the bathrooms. Now the place was pretty much deserted, there was an old Chevy parked next to my dad and there was an RV with a family packing up what was probably their dinner. He went in the bathroom, and opened the first stall.

He was in there doing his business when he hears someone talking, he thinks at first they are talking to him until he realizes the person is A) on the phone, or B) talking to themselves. “Its ok, Its going to be ok we will just take another, and then we will bring it to mother.” The man said to himself in a sing songy voice, my dad said he sounded like he was young between late teens to early twenties. Then before my dad could say anything, while he zipped up his pants, starting to get a little freaked out. The guy screams and starts beating his head while screaming at himself in a woman’s high falsetto. “Your a stupid boy!! A stupid, stupid boy. Mother is very angry.”

At that my dad runs out of the stall and he quickly opens the door and runs to his car. He locks the car door when he notices a skinny, young man run out of the bathroom. He is looking for my dad, and sees him in his car. My dad had the car started and was backing up when the guy runs full tilt at him screaming, my dad drove off. He was so shaken up by this he pulled over in the next town over at a dinner, getting a coffee to go. He was paying for his coffee when that same chevy pulls in.

My dad grabs his coffee and hides his face looking at some knick knacks in the little gift shop. The kid walks in and goes up to the nice older cashier who my dad bought his coffee from, and he throws his arms around this woman and starts sobbing about how he’s sorry mother and how he let another one get away.

My dad heard enough he quickly tossed his coffee he hadn’t drunk yet, as it was too hot and made his way slowly to his car, he got in and sped off. He didn’t stop until he was safely home.

— wonderarenotlost

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