50 Truly Terrifying Creepy Stories That’ll Scare You Into Perpetual Insomnia

11. Eugene

I work for a major stationary brand managing a pop up store in my major city district. We are situated in the middle of a large shopping centre, and have an open plan layout (like most pop up stores) which means people and walk through freely. The brand I work for are all about giving the best customer service, and going above and beyond the usual retail requirements to help out our customers. Being new and eager to show my loyalty, I made sure to follow this code with all customer interactions (which can be difficult in retail but nonetheless I stuck to it)

Now, the first time I met Eugene he was wearing a very old black 3 piece suit, red tie and a top hat with a feather (not shitting you). I would put him at about the 75-85 age bracket, and on this day he had grey hair and a walking stick to help him walk (important). Being in work mode, I greeted him with a “You’re looking very snappy today! Are you going to a special event?” Or something to that idea. Now, something to keep in mind is that the centre is filled with noise and sometimes makes it hard to hear. I am sure everyone has done that thing of when you heard what another person has said, you just laugh or nod rather than ask them to repeat. So when he replied quite softly and I didn’t hear what he had said I just nodded and smiled.

This was the first mistake, because (determined from the conversations to follow, as well as other people’s interactions) Eugene had actually asked me If I had been abused as a child. When I nodded not hearing what he had said, he assumed that I was saying yes to his question which opened up the opportunity for him to tell me all about his abusive childhood in great detail. Honestly, at the time I was too shocked and dedicated to staying in a professional character that I just let him go on and eventually he left. Over the next couple of weeks he would continually come and discuss this issue with me, probing me for my own details as well as asking me when my lunch break is so he can have tea with me. Yes, looking at it now it was creepy but I just thought he was old and lonely, and wasnt too bothered to give him his 10 minutes of ranting.

However, things got weird… he came in one day with completely bleach blonde hair and wearing what I can only describe as ‘young modern clothing’. He still had his walking stick, which he still seemed to be heavily dependant on. When he came up to me on this particular day, instead of diving straight into memory lane, this conversation occured…

Eugene: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: …Hi Eugene! You’re looking summer-y today, what can I help you with?

Eugene: I said do you have a boyfriend

Me: I am happily engaged in fact, which is exciting. What about yourself?

Eugene: oh no not me, I am not interested in girls who haven’t had the same life experience as me…

Me: Well I am sure you will find someone Eugene

(At this point he starts to get uncomfortably close to me)

Me: … was there anything I could help you with?

Eugene: I have found you. Be with me. Can you marry me.

Me: Oh well…thats a lovely gesture but I am as I said engaged. Thank you though!

(I start to move away and pretend to clean, however he follows me. At this stage the centre is quiet of customers, and I am desperately trying to find a way out of the conversation without being rude or upsetting him)

Eugene: If you weren’t with him would you be with me.

Me: I would like to travel actually Eugene so probably not…

Eugene: (shouts) I WANT TO TRAVEL! When do you finish work, we can head off after that.

At this point I am in fight or flight mode and mumble something about working late. Thankfully, a passing customer comes by to ask me about a product and I move away to serve them. Eugene leaves.

After I am alone again, I call security to tell them what happened and that I feel extremely uncomfortable – they say next time I see him to call them. I also inform the other staff working in the centre what happened. Security walks me to my car that evening and I get home safely.

2 weeks pass and no sign of Eugene which is a relief and I assume he had given up.

It was a pretty quiet day on this one particular day so I decide to do some serious cleaning of our shelves. I’m cleaning for about 15 minutes on my knees before I have to grab some more paper towel. I stand up and turn, and directly behind me is Eugene.

He was so close that I could feel his breath, and even as I write this I can feel the same cold shock sweep through my body that I felt on that day. I was fucking terrified – how long had he been behind me watching? Today he was wearing all black – joggers, tshirt and even his runner were black. He had absolutely no walking stick in sight and was just staring at me blankly. I had pretty much lost all professionalism at this point and said to him I will help him after I make a quick phone call.

Thankfully he didn’t follow me to my POS station, and as soon as I put the phone to my ear he strode YES HE FUCKING STRODE off! Security answered and were actually right by were he was and escorted him out of the centre. At this point I was just so terrified and shocked that I went and stood by in a neighboring shop. When security came back he asked me how long I had known him for – I told him I only knew him as a customer and nothing else.

The Security guard then said to me the whole time he kept saying “She’s mine…she’s making a mistake…she is going to be with me…she takes the ‘—‘ bus”

… Somehow knew what fucking bus I took??? At that point I just burst into tears and called my fiance to come get me and called a girl for another store to take over.

Since then, he has only come into the centre a couple of times – each time security will come and inform me and hang around my store until he leaves.

12. “I know you’re alone in there…”

This happened in May 2007, and for reference, I’m female, was 20 at the time and weighed about 115 pounds so overpowering me would have been extremely easy.

I live in a city in Northern Ireland, and at the time, I was best friends with my ex-boyfriend. My ex-boyfriends cousins band decided to play a small gig way out in the countryside, so we had to drive for about an hour or more to get to the location. We arrived, and it was literally a field amongst fields, smack back in the back arse of nowhere. Apparently, one of the members of the band knew the owner of this field and apparently we had permission to be there, I never checked so I don’t know but whatever.

There were several cars already there when we arrived (me, my ex, his sister and 2 friends traveled together) We had packed the car full of tents, sleeping bags and a ton of alcohol. The plan was to watch the band, then blast some tunes, have a bit of a party and spend the night in the field in our tents.

The way the field was laid out was kind of in an ‘L’ shape. All the tents were set up around the corner and the band had set up a generator across the field on the other side. Then beside where the tents were, there was a hole in a bush to the other field, we went through here to go to the toilet so we had some privacy from everyone.

There was roughly 30-40 people in the field, and the band started playing, we started drinking and generally having a great time. Any time I needed to pee, I went with my ex’s sister or a friend as it was a good few minutes walk to the next field and none of us wanted to go alone even though we were in the middle of nowhere.

I was sharing a tent with my ex for the night, and at about 3am I decided I’d had enough and wanted to go back to the tent to sleep, I told him I was going, and made my journey across the field to the tents.

As I got in to the tent and pulled the zipper down, I felt someone tugging at it and assumed it was my ex, until I heard an unfamiliar voice say “Let me in!” quite aggressively. I called out “Who are you?” and he said “I know you’re alone in there, you can’t hold the zipper down forever, let me in!”

Over the next minute or so, I was gripping on to the zipper of the tent and holding both sides of the fabric together to prevent this guy from getting in to my tent. A couple of times he managed to get the zipper up a bit but I always managed to get it back down. For the life of me, I have no idea how I managed to do this. The whole time we were struggling against each other over the zipper, he kept saying things like “I’m going to get in eventually, bitch” and “It’s going to be worse if you don’t fucking let me in.” – I was absolutely petrified.

Then I heard my ex boyfriends booming voice shout “What the fuck are you doing at that tent?” Then I heard a smack and a thud, and my ex called to ask me if I was OK. My ex had saw what was happening, punched the guy and he fell! He had watched me walk to the tents, and watched this dude follow behind, assuming he was going to the loo, but he kept watching him to make sure. When he saw him turn towards the tents, he came over to make sure I was OK. Thank God he did!

Anyway, a huge fight broke out and then one of the creepy guys friends ended up hitting him too haha. Turns out, he was known for this kind off creepy behaviour and had been in trouble with the law for sexually harassing women in the past. And my ex’s cousin had said that he was staying over at her house with her brother one night and she woke up to find him standing in her room watching her sleep.

I really don’t know what his intentions were had he managed to fight his way in to the tent that night, no one would have heard anything as the music was so loud, but thank goodness my ex still cared enough about me to keep an eye on me as I made my way back to the tent that night!

My ex actually bumped in to the guy a few weeks later and told me that his lip was still pretty busted up and looked like he was going to have a permanent scar from the 2 punches haha.

— jakeinthesky


So first of all, I am a 21 year old man, and this happened to me and my boyfriend in the summer of 2016. I’d also just say that english isn’t my first language, so I’m sorry if my english is somewhat bad.

A little background: I live in Norway, which is a small and safe country, where usually the creepiest thing to happen to you would be a nasty look from a stranger on the bus. Because of this, I never thought anything creepy would happen to me – because.. well… it just doesn’t happen here..

The city I live in is called Hønefoss, which basically translates to “Chicken Falls”. In the fall of 2015, right around the time I turned 20 years, I moved out from my mom into my first apartment. The apartment was in the basement of a house, and the owner of the house was a older, single woman who lived over me, but we did not get along that well. The house was situated at the end of a gravel road, in a wooded area with fields around it, about one kilometer from the main road. The last part of the road, before you got to the house, was up on a steep hill.

To get to my apartment, you had to walk through the front gate and around the house to get to the basement where I lived. Right outside my door, there was a small porch which was usually just used if I or any guests wanted to smoke. Because of the house being up on a hill, there was a really steep wooded slope about 5 meters from the entrance. This was also the end of the backyard, so I basically lived right next to the woods.

ANYWAYS, here’s the story about one of the creepiest things that has ever happened to me and my boyfriend.

So this all started in May 2016 when my boyfriend, Sam, moved in. He lived in Oslo, and therefore we needed a car to move all his things. His best friend Jessica agreed to help us when she got off work, which meant it was going to be a long night. Around 11.30 pm we left Oslo and started the drive to my place. Because of roadwork, we had to stop for some time, and didn’t arrive until 1 am at my place.

Because Hønefoss is a small city, it was dead silent when we arrived. We started unloading the car, and I grabbed some plastic bags and went around the house. Right as I stepped onto the small porch outside the basement I heard a sound from the woods down the steep slope. It was the sound of leaves rustling in a particular rhythm, as if someone was walking in the woods and kicking the leaves when they lifted their feet. I thought this was kind of weird, because I knew there wasn’t any hiking trail down there or any other reason for someone to be walking there at 1 am – it was just woods and an empty field.

Sam came up behind me and he also stopped, wondering why I was just standing there listening. “Shh… do you hear that? The leaf-sounds?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. Jessica had also stopped to listen at this moment. “Hear what?” Jessica asked, but before I even had the chance to answer her, Sam told her about the rustling sound. “Yeah, I hear it. What is it?” she asked, but I literally had no idea. We all just brushed it off as some neighbors or kids, even though there wasn’t a lot of neighbors that far into the woods.

About a week later, at 1 am, me and Sam sat outside smoking when I again heard the sounds from the woods. We joked about what it could be – because as I said, we’re from Norway, and creepy things just doesn’t happen here. Stupid thinking, I know. We didn’t pay much attention to the sounds, and eventually we went inside.

A week later, same time, we heard the noises again. At this time, I actually pieced together that this happen at the same weekday, same time, which was kind of strange, and we got a little scared. We joked about it being a killer living in an old abandoned house next to us, or some other creep like the ones we had read about on LetsNotMeet. We laughed, and again, brushed it off as just some kids or an animal. But still, we were somewhat afraid of what it could be.

The next week passed by without any sounds from the woods, and we completely forgot about it, until the week after. I didn’t want to smoke, so Sam went out on the porch alone. After a few minutes, Sam busts through the door. His eyes were wide and he sounded scared as he whispered “Quick! I can hear those sounds again!”

I ran outside and listened from the porch. Sam was right. The sounds were there again – the same rhythm and pace as before, only this time it sounded as if they were closer. I was a little nervous, so I just looked at Sam, who were just as nervous as me.

Still, being so sure of nothing happening to us because of our safe country, we walked closer to the slope and I shouted “Hahaaa! Very funny, maybe I should call the police to let them know someone is creeping around my house!” We both just laughed, but then we heard the sounds stopping immediately. Thinking we scared off whoever it was creeping in the woods, we enjoyed the silence and I shouted “Lol!”.

Right as I had shouted we hear the sound again – just faster and louder – and this time it sounded as if someone was full on sprinting right towards us from down the steep slope. Just imagine if you have ever tried walking up a steep hill covered in leaves, and your feet almost slipping under you because its so steep. That was the sound we could hear.

At the same time both Sam and I just turn around and run as fast as we can inside – cigarette still in hand – locks the door and turn off all the lights and falls to the floor. I was so scared. “Did you hear that too!?” I asked. Sam looked terrified and nodded. “And someone was running towards us?” I asked. He just nodded again. Right as he nodded we heard a sound that still give us both goosebumps to this date. It was the sound of boots walking on the wooden porch. I was so shocked, my mouth was just open while holding my breath – scared that whoever on the other side of the door could hear us.

Sam looked at me, and pointed to the door in panic, signalizing that he also heard it. I lifted my shoulders – I guess it’s the international gesture for “I don’t know!” We both just sat there for some time – too scared to move to the living room, when we heard a loud bang on the window next to the door. We both just sat there trying not to make a sound. Now, the way the house was built, was so that the upstairs where the lady lived was at street level, but if you went around the back, it would look like a two story house, even though my apartment was the basement, so basically just half of my apartment was the basement, if that makes any sense.

The layout of my apartment, was that when you entered the apartment, there was a bedroom to your right, a kitchen straight ahead of you, next to it was a bathroom which was between the kitchen and the living room, which was to your left. The living room was fully underground, and just had a small window by the ceiling and you could just see a flower bed and a bush… But now, we also could see a pair of worn out boots in the dark.. I looked at Sam and pointed to the window and whispered “Hva faen!” – Norwegian for “what the fuck”. Sam didn’t say anything and just looked at me, still terrified.

I’m not sure if the person outside even knew where in the apartment we were, because then he probably would have sat down to look at us.. Maybe he thought that basement and upstairs were connected, and that we ran inside and upstairs, and now the person outside was trying to look inside if he could see us.. We crawled into the bathroom and locked the door and just sat there. We didn’t have our phones, so I’m not sure how long we sat there. We sat there listening, but we couldn’t hear anything.

After probably half an hour we crawled to living room and put the sofa pillows in front of the small window and called my mother to ask what we should do – and if we should bother to call the police. Stupid Norwegians, I know, we should just have called them as soon as we got to our phones. But it’s just not how we do it over here, and besides, the person was most likely gone now anyways..

My mother was kind of angry that we woke her up at 2 am, but after we told her what happened she said it was okay and that we should call the police if we felt it was necessary. At that time we were just tired, and we knew that there was nothing the police could do. I mean, we didn’t actually see the face of this person or anything other than his boots.

We were actually planning to move anyways because of some disagreements over rent with the lady upstairs, so I didn’t ask her if she noticed anything the next day. We moved out like a week after.

—  jzgg

14. After this experience, never going on a dating app ever again

For some back round information, I live in a small apartment complex, right outside my campus, with some friends. I am also a 20 year old girl.

So, all my friends where always bashing on me for never meeting up with any boys, or going. I had gotten sick of it. I didn’t wanna be the little friend who stayed home and eat pizza while my friends where out on dates with boys. So, I signed up for Plenty of Fish.

Now, I’m not the type of person who would say yes to any random stranger. They had to be nice looking, they had to have plenty of photos of themselves, and we both had to have at least 2 common intrests.

So, with those rules in my head, I psyched myself up to join the world of online dating. Within a few days, I already had 2 boys I was talking to. One said he was a doctor (kind of hard to believe because he was 20) and one said he worked as a construction guy. (easier to believe) I didn’t like that the ‘doctor’ guy was lying to me.

But one day, (as I was getting crap from my roommates) the construction guy, who we can call Dan, messaged me on a messaging app we where using and asked if I wanted to go out for a bite to eat.

I told my roommates where I was going, and who I was with, you know, all the things someone should do so someone knows if you’ve been abducted. I even had a check in time so that when my roommate texted me if things where good, I had to say some silly code word that meant things where good. If I responded another code word, it meant ‘help me get out of this.’ and if I didn’t use code words than she would call the police for help.

So, I quickly ‘dolled’ myself up and got ready for my date. I put my hair up in a classy bun, leaving strips of it hanging down around my glasses. I put on a nice white blouse and some black pants, and I was ready to go.

I jumped in my car and headed out to the restaurant where Dan had chosen. It was just out of my town, but it was still only a 15 minute drive from my apartment.

I arrived at the restaurant and saw him almost immediately. He was wearing a nice cloths, and looked just like his photos. He was waiting just outside the restaurant doors for me.

His eyes lit up when they saw me. He walked over to me and smiled. We chatted a little bit outside (since it was summer and not cold) and then walked inside.

We ate dinner and talked about our life and things like how school was going. I got the text from my friend but since everything was all good, I sent that code word back. Dan talked about how much he liked his job and things, and altogether, it was pretty nice.

Except for one thing. Dan was boring. He didn’t do anything exciting, or really talk enthusiastic about anything, and it was boring. It was an average date, and I honestly didn’t care to go on anymore.

The next day I woke up to the feeling of my phone vibrating non stop. I looked at it and realized it was vibrating so much that it had fallen off my dresser. I almost laughed. Then I saw all the messages where from Dan. At first, they where all saying how much fun he had had, and that he would really like to go out again. But then the messages took a turn. They got violent, and angry that I wasn’t responding. It was seven in the fricking morning. I was SLEEPING. I noped out of that situation. I texted him back and said I had been sleeping, and that no, I was not going on anymore dates with him. I was just about to block his profile on both sites when I got a finale message. “Watch you back.”

At first I was really creeped out, but then I thought that since I had him blocked, and all my accounts where deleted he could do nothing. Wrong. Later that day I saw a text from a random number, telling me how pretty I looked in my blue pjs. I glanced outside just in time to see non other than Dan, running down my road.

“How the hell did he get my number.” I thought wearily. I blocked that number and continued what I was doing.

Later that night, I fell asleep pretty early, and woke up to my phone text alert going crazy. It was from the number I had just blocked, earlier that day. There where dozens of messages, saying how I was going to get “it”. I quickly showed all my roommates the messages. They all told me that I should go to the police, but since I was a stupid person, I didn’t.

I blocked the number AGAIN, and went back to sleep. But once again, I woke up to my phone buzzing. I didn’t wait. I jumped in my car and drove all the way down to thee police station. Once there, they told me that they couldn’t do much to help me, and just told me to block the number. I did. At least I had it on record.

Nothing happened for a few days. The number stayed blocked on my phone for a while. abut then the pictures started. They where pictures of my house, of me in my house, my car, my work. I went back to the police and finely, I was able to get a restraining order against Dan.

I never received any messages from Dan again after that. I now never ever use dating websites.

— Sgirl54

15. “He’s MINE! Josh is MINE”

For some information, I was a 24 year old female. So, my now ex-boyfriend, used to live with me. We had very different schedules, so I was often getting home from work and being home alone. Note, I had to take the bus to and from work every night. So one night I was getting off of work and I was waiting for my bus to take me home. Right off the bat I noticed a woman staring at me. I tried to pretend I hadn’t noticed her. As soon as the bus came I jumped on and headed toward the middle of it. I took a mental note of where the creepy lady was sitting (5 seats behind me.) Half way through the bus ride, I saw the lady move up so she was only 2 seats away from me. Red flags immediately went off in my head. I looked around as nonchalantly as possible to see if there was anyone else sitting on the bus. Just my luck, there was no one else on the bus. Pretty soon my stop had come up, and I stood up to get off. The creepy lady also stood up

Crap. I thought. I quickly pulled my phone out and texted one of my friends where I was. Now, I know it was stupid, but I didn’t think to call or text my boyfriend. Once off the bus, I put my phone away. Big mistake.

I glanced around and saw the woman starting to follow me. Now, I live about a 7-8 minute walk from the bus stop to my house. I picked up my pace. About 5 minutes from my house I felt a tap on my shoulder. The creepy lady. “Are you Cortney?” She asked me.

“Yesss?” I answered shakily. A smile formed on her lips and I noticed something glittering in her hand. I picked up my pace even more and was almost jogging when I heard her call out “Josh is mine. He is mine!”

Josh was my boyfriend.

I honestly at the time had no idea what she was talking about. I started to run. I ran all the way back to my house in record time, that crazy lady following me all the way. I got into my house and locked the door just as the lady pulled on the handle.

I grabbed my phone and saw 3 missed calls from Josh and 5 texts. He was freaking out, saying how one of his exes was threatening to come after me and that he was coming home from work early. But luckily, just as I finished reading those messages I saw headlights pull into my driveway and my boyfriend franticly yelling at the woman, telling her to get the hell out or he would call the police. She ended up running into the woods. Later that night we called the police but of course, nothing came of it.

— TheDogWhisperer123

16. “Let me make you happier.”

One day, I was at the Culver City mall, when I decided to go in to footlocker. I was looking around and I noticed a man looking at me from the other side of the store…when I moved…he moved. It was weird.

I have a big paranoia sense, that anytime things like these happen, where I feel followed or watched, I tend to try to get away from it asap…that’s what I TRIED to do.

I walked out of the store, and OF COURSE he had to follow me out. I tried to walk away fast but he still came behind me.

“You’re so beautiful” he said with such admiration

“Thank you” I said.

Okay, I know many people tend to tell the guys who cat call to “piss off” but I can’t do that, I am so traumatized by one time, hearing a man say, “that’s why little bitches like you get raped…you guys ignore people” … yeah that’s why I always reply…but anyway back to this.

After I thanked him for his words he continued to ask me if I have a boyfriend and I said yes, even though I didn’t.

He asked me if I worked at the mall and I said no, because I didn’t. He was still following me until I got out the mall. I saw him stare at me as I got into my dad’s car and he waved. It was so weird.

Okay, a week or so passed by and I was at my job, located in another mall. I was in the middle of the store folding clothes when a man approached the table I am at…and as I look up I get such a shocking feeling, as it was him, the same weirdo looking at me.

“I’m happy I see you again, I been looking for you”he said, with a smile


“Can I help u sir?” I said, trying to show that I didn’t know who he was

“So do you still have a boyfriend”

“Yes I do”

“If he ever starts treating you bad just know I’m here I want to treat you like a princess”

“I’m very happy thank you”

“I can make you happier come on please give a chance to make u happy”

As he said this to me he scared me, he looked so desperate and like he was ready to cry. I’m not trying to sound like an ignorant person, but I don’t think he was fully there in the head, you know?

I walked away and he stayed there and I never came back until he left.

The next week he came back, he didn’t see me, because as soon as I saw him I ran to the stock room and told my manager he makes me feel uncomfortable. My manager went out there to talk to him and ask him if he needed help, he refused help and eventually left. About an hour after this I went on my lunch break, just to see him at the cross light. He waved at me, but not a regular wave, it looked like he was in slow motion. I was so scared to cross that street, but I did. I walked passed the white lines diving the cars and the walk lanes, so avoid crossing his path and he followed me back to my store and just said he wanted me to “listen”. I got to my job before he did and once again I hid. I was so freaking scared.

I didn’t even want to come to work the next day.

I was paranoid to go to work and even think about going on my lunch break because I was scared to see him.

The last times I saw him was through our cameras at work. I had three days off after that encounter with him, and my manager called me to the back. He showed me that the man came in to my job the past three days and would walk around the whole store, looking for someone. Leave and come back an hour later. ALL THREE DAYS. When I saw that, I froze. I really wanted to quit.

My manager made sure to make me feel safe and reassure me that if he comes in again, he will kick him out. He never came back…I never saw him again.

— thurssssday

17. The look in his eyes when we got away…

Alright well this happened to me 14years ago when I was in 4th grade, back then it was very common that every morning before school started, kids would be dropped off at the park and from there we would walk to the school before the bell rang at 8:30 am .

Keep in mind the park is right next door to my old elementary school so there really wasn’t much of a distance or any danger for that matter, the one and only road that led to the park and school had lots of traffic and people walking around.

So my mom drops me off and since we were pretty early and my friends were already walking toward the swing set in the park I told her I would go there with them and wait for the bell, mom said it was fine but to not get to class late or else I’d be grounded. I quickly agreed, said goodbye to my mom, and headed straight to my friends.

Now in this park, way in the back there is or was (I haven’t been there in years) a wooded area that you can go in for maybe half a block and then you run into a fence that separates a farm and the park. It was a very cool area to run and play in and the swing set where my friends were hanging out at was maybe 30ft away from the trees. As I was getting closer to my friends I saw something shift next to a tree and I stopped to get a better look at whatever it was.

That’s when I saw him, a tall man with greasy brown hair and dark clothes, he was way in the back of the park in the tree line just looking around not doing anything that would cause alarm, so I dismissed him as just a man walking around or one of the farm helpers that we would usually see from time to time feeding the chickens or fixing the fence.

I went on to talk to my friends but I kept getting a bad feeling, fortunately my parents were very good at teaching me to listen to my instincts and be aware of my surroundings whenever I am near strangers. Feeling a bit weird about that man I told my friends that we should start to head out to the entrance of the school but because it was 7:45 they didn’t want to get stuck in the cafeteria waiting to be allowed into the playground.

I started to get upset because the bad feeling I had was getting worse, I felt kind of trapped and it was clear to my friends that something was up with me but they dismissed it as me being in one of my “bad day” moods and continued to goof off and be loud. I looked around still feeling nervous and looked towards the woods, he was still there except this time he was looking at us.

He had a cold look in his face and I could tell he was angry, that’s when he saw me staring and I quickly looked away trying to play it off, unfortunately that gained his attention and slowly made his way to us, when he got close he smiled at us and in a very friendly voice started to ask general questions about what we liked, what kind of video games we liked to play, what school we went to, stuff like that.

I stayed quiet and just listened to my (DUMB, I tell them that all the time when this comes up in conversations) friends answer his questions without hesitation, the man then turns to me (the only girl in the group) and with a creepy smile tells me that I have beautiful black hair and a pretty face.

I quietly and nervously thanked him without looking at him and moved closer to my best friend Josh, he was a 6th grader and the eldest of the bunch. When Josh saw how nervous I was because of the man, he held my hand and moved me behind him. The man looked annoyed that Josh did that and moved around him to be closer to me, at this point I looked over to our other friends and they FINALLY realized that something was very wrong but they were just as afraid as I was to do or say anything.

The man kept saying that I was so beautiful and that I looked like a pretty doll and just kept saying all these compliments that a stranger should never tell a little kid without the parents present and even that’s iffy. At this point my instincts were telling me to run or to cry out for help but I was petrified and couldn’t move at all.

The man then started to touch my hair while complimenting me and said how he would like to take me home, how I’d be be his special little doll, he would buy me toys, and lots of pretty things, he then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close to him, thankfully when he did that it snapped Josh out of his fear of what was going on and he pulled me back towards him fast and we all took off running. He was so fast that I guess the man didn’t expect it.

The man cursed/yelled and started running after us, i swear it felt like we ran forever to the entrance and I felt somewhat relieved that we were that much closer to the school and to safety but the man was still behind us, I was sure that he was going to catch up and hurt us for running away but when I looked back he had stopped near a bench with a hate filled look on his face.

We finally made it out of the park and just ran straight to the entrance of the school where one of our teachers, Ms.D was barely making her way out to help with the street crossing, when we saw her we ran to her and I just collapsed on the floor sobbing while the boys told Ms.D what happened and what the man looked liked.

Ms.D immediately informed the office, the entire school went on lockdown and the cops were called. I stayed glued to Josh while we spoke to the cops and waited for our parents to arrive and thankfully the teachers were very understanding of why I needed to be close to my best friend and left us alone.

My mom and dad were so scared and furious that this man had tried to take me away and were thankful that Josh reacted quickly and led us to safety.

After that incident the school took steps to make sure all kids were dropped in front of the school safely, the school district sent out letters to parents telling them to not allow us to be in the park unsupervised, and a patrol car was assigned to our school.

Although the cops searched for the man, he was never found which terrifies me and to this day I can still remember the look in his eyes as he saw us get away. I don’t know what would have happened to me had Josh not been there to protect me and I am so thankful I had and still have such an amazing friend looking out for me.

— ElessaRose

17. Creepy men “just want to be friends” with me on the bus

Okay, I must say a lot of my bad experiences have happened while I was 15/16 years old, as that was the age my parents finally allowed me to go out with my friends to the mall or to eat(alone)

Any day I would go out or ride the bus there was always guys hollering and cat calling me, that it became so regular to me and I just ignored them or smiled. How sad….I have been cat called since I was 11 by men who were over 30.

For those who are from smaller towns and aren’t familiar with the Los Angeles Metro, there is plenty of transits: places where the bus stops (last stop) the re-routes to where it came from.

I was at the transit waiting on the bus to go back home, number 35 we will say.

The 35 bus that was coming to the transit dropped off a couple people, including the two men that followed me, then proceeded to go inside the lot…so all I had to do now was wait for the bus to come back out and take me home.

I had on a t-shirt that contained the words of an artist.

One of the guys approached me and commented on my shirt saying he liked the artist and if I had listened to the new album. This wasn’t weird to me, and I have never been super “iffy” about people talking to me, so I talked with him about the artist and then by the time we were done the 35 bus came. I grabbed my bag and got up this is where he began…

“Aw you’re leaving? You mind if I get your number?”

I hit him with the only line I ever know “I’m sorry I have a boyfriend” even though i didn’t.

“I just want to be your friend that’s it” and I said “sorry” and got in the bus.

As I sat in the bus, I realized the two men got in a little after I did and say in the back…

LET ME REMIND YOU, these men had JUST came from the SAME place this bus was going to? WHY WOULD THEY GO BACK? That’s when I knew something was not right. I WAS SCARED!

I was texting my friend, paranoid, letting her know I felt like they were following me or something. I can see from the corner of my eye them whispering to each other and looking at me.

Every stop I would pray they would get off, but they wouldn’t! My mind was set on not getting off that bus even if we pass my stop with out them getting out first!

We were about three stops away from my house when I see them get up and I acted as if I didn’t notice.

I had my earphones on but wasn’t listening to any music…basically to have an excuse to ignore them but still be able to hear anything.

The same guy came and said “hey…hey…I’m fucking talking to u” and I ignored it and what he did next scared me but pissed me off too…he snatched my earbud off my ear and said “hello” and as he did that he caressed my face in the scariest way…I get goosebumps just thinking about it. And I was like “what the hell don’t touch me” he then looked at me…SMILED & LAUGHED…and said:

“We just wanted to be friends sweetie” And laughed at me again as if my fear caused him some sort of pleasure.

They got off the bus and I literally ran home paranoid when I got off…

— thurssssday

18. Creepy maintenance man followers child to birthday party

When I was about 7 years old I was at a friends birthday party. We went to the local cinema with a group of 6 other kids, my friend and her mother. I had to go to the bathroom during the movie and I told her mom, assuming she’d come with me, because even then I knew going places alone as a child could be dangerous. She didn’t go with me.

I went out to the bathroom alone. And I must mention this was a small local cinema which was really old and most of the time empty. Not like regular theaters that nowadays always have people bustling about. Anyway, on the way to the bathroom I saw some guy leaning against the sweets/popcorn counter seemingly with nothing to do. I thought maybe he’s just waiting for his kid to come out of the bathroom or something. At this place the bathroom was one small room that was separated into two stalls for men and two stalls for women. The guy came in about a minute after me. I could see his shadow under the door of the stall I was in, he was walking back and forth outside it. He shouldn’t have been over on the women’s side, and no one else was in the bathroom with us so I started panicking. I stayed in there for a couple of minutes because I was too scared to go out. He eventually left so I decided to go back.

When I walked out of the bathroom he was standing there blocking the doorway. Standing with his arms and legs spread out like he was ready to grab me and scoop me up. My heart started racing, he was more than twice my size, I was terrified. I thought fast enough to jump through the gap between his legs. I skidded on the carpet and burned my knees but I got up as fast as I could and ran back to the screen the party was at.

I wish it ended here.

That night at home I remember hiding this baby doll I had because I thought the guy was going to come for me and I wanted to protect her. My mom noticed me acting weird and asked what was wrong. I blurted out that a man tried to grab me when I was at the cinema. She kind of brushed it off – but I think she was trying to act like nothing was wrong for my sake. Though I saw in her eyes she was worried.

Later, I heard her and my dad talking and she came to ask me what the guy looked like. She asked “Did he have a black mustache?” He did. “Did he have messy hair?” He did. But how did she know these things?

Turns out he was at our fucking house earlier that day replacing a window and must’ve heard my mom and me talking about the party.

I don’t know what he was planning on doing if he grabbed me. Kidnap me? Something else… I’m just glad he didn’t.

— violetchill

19. He started walking to my door…

This happened about a month ago. It was a Saturday, and Saturday mornings always have the same routine. I’d get up, my dad would be either about to leave for work, or already gone. My mother would cook me breakfast, then go upstairs to shower.

So as she is showering, I’m downstairs by myself on my phone. After a few minutes of browsing websites, I glance up for whatever reason, and see someone in the far end of my backyard (our yard is about 30-40 feet) This actually happens a lot in my neighborhood, with people going in and out of our yard, So I didn’t really think much of it, and went back down to looking at my phone. However, I realized the guy wasn’t moving. He was just standing in my backyard. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was looking into our house.

I watch him to see what he’s doing, you know maybe he just thinks our house is nice. But, that was far from the case. As I’m staring at him, and he sees me staring at him. He begins to walk for our door. At first, he was slowly walking but then he picked his pace up a bit.

At this point, all sorts of alarms in my head are going off, and I decided this creeper didn’t have the best intentions. Getting to action, I quickly called my sheltie into the room, and as soon as he comes in, he spots the man and begins barking his head off. I quickly go to my door, making it look like I’m ready to let my dog after him, and I guess the guy realizes what I had in mind, and took off running.

— OogaBooga444

20. Man lurking in my father’s apartment

This happened a week ago, and I just decided to share it. To start I must mention that my parents are separated and live within walking distance of each other. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin.

I was going to my dad’s house to get a spare xbox controller, as I had a friend over and only had one at my mom’s house, I told my friend that I’d be back in 5 minutes and set off into the night.

I assumed my dad would be home, as it was 6:30, and he gets off work at 5. I rang the doorbell, no answer, I wait a minute, nothing. I decide to go round back and go in through the back door.

As I go into the alleyway, I feel off, I got that feeling like nothing good would come at the end of it. My paranoia got the best of me and I went back to my mom’s house.

After my friend calling me a pussy, I grabbed a flashlight and my friend went along with me. As we approached the alley, and turned into it, the light revealed nothing, my friend hit me lightly and called me a bitch.

We went in and I immediately wanted to leave, and a quick glance at my friend revealed he felt the same, we went to the living room and got the controller.

The staircase to my room is in the living room, I had turned the fllahlight off but felt an overwhelming compulsion to shine it at the staircase, when I did, it revealed a man, appearing to be in his twenties with piss yellow teeth smiling at us.

He was, I assume 5 steps up the stairs. I wanted to cry, I was so scared. I wanted to run but I was frozen in fear. My friend, bless this morons heart, shouted,” the fuck you doing here?” The man’s smile faded, and he motioned for us to come closer, yeah, fuck that, we ran out the front door and began shouting for help.

One person stepped out of their house with a handgun, but the man was nowhere to be seen, as cliche as that sounds, we called the police and they searched the apartment, and well, searched isn’t the best word as they immediately found the man on the staircase leading to my dad’s apartment.

I have no idea what would’ve happened if I went down the alley that night, was he there? What would have happened if I went alone

— PAsp00k

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