Piers Morgan Just Hit Back At Lady Gaga On Twitter, Suggests We Shouldn’t Trust Her Rape Claim

Wikimedia / proacguy1
Wikimedia / proacguy1

Piers Morgan has had quite the recent fixation with Lady Gaga over the last week. He ignited a firestorm when he suggested Lady Gaga was lying about her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that she opened up about having recently:

via Twitter / CNN International
via Twitter / CNN International

Lady Gaga, of course, replied to his skepticism with an incredibly classy tweet that kept the focus on the survivors of mental illnesses like PTSD.

Lady Gaga even agreed to appear on Morgan’s show to talk about her experience and his criticism. For maybe half a minute, it looked like the feud was over.

But Piers Morgan wasn’t done. Far from it. Just today he started tweeting again. He issues a long tweet train — often quoting and responding to other people — basically saying that celebrities (who ya know, are people too in theory) should not be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to mental illness or sexual assault:

Though he invites Lady Gaga to “prove” her sexual assault and mental illness when she has an interview with him:

He then elaborates on his belief that “victimhood” is something that people aspire to, rather than something thrust on them by attackers.

And in between casual tweets dismissing sexual assault and PTSD, he has time to talk about Trump and his “hands:”


Should there be room in the public discourse to question sexual assault claims that run completely contrary to fact? Of course.

Should people have their stories of trauma randomly questioned because some random guy on Twitter feels like it is newsworthy to make them “prove” their attack to him personally? Absolutely not.

Your “gut” is not enough to just completely re-traumatize someone and drag their entire mental health and sexual assault experiences into question. Sorry Piers, this is tacky as hell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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