‘Trump’s Going To Do To Muslims What Hitler Did To The Jews,’ Letter Sent To Mosque Promises

Flickr / Tinou Bao
Flickr / Tinou Bao

In the 2016 United States Presidential election, Donald Trump and Mike Pence demonized many different groups of Americans. From Hispanics, to African Americans, to LGBTQ+ Americans, Muslims, and many many more, Donald Trump and his surrogates used hateful rhetoric to turn people’s anger and rage toward these “other” Americans.

And now the result of that rhetoric is clear.

There has been a surge in hate crimes against these groups since Donald Trump was declared the President-elect. Most recently, however, has been the discovery of this horrifying letter than was sent to a Muslim mosque in San Jose.

Addressed to the “Children of Satan”, the letter promises that President Trump “will do to Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews”:

via Twitter
via Twitter

The letter was posted to Twitter by Zahra Billoo, who is a community organizer and civil rights lawyer.

Many on social media have chimed in as the letter spread through Twitter and other mediums.


The vile note references Speaker Paul Ryan “Better Way” title for the Republican’s Congressional agenda. There is no evidence that either Speaker Ryan or Donald Trump are planning an American holocaust against any people, however it is clear that some of their supporters want them to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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