This Tweet Made During A School Attack Is Seriously Fucked Up

Imagine being this horrible of a human being.

There has been a violent attack at The Ohio State University, with an attacker causing 10 injuries.

However, Cameron Jacob decided that the middle of an active attacker situation was time to make a joke about the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game last Saturday:


FYI: His tweet was made when the attack at OSU appeared to be a shooting. Now authorities have clarified that the event was a vehicular attack followed by a stabbing.

His repulsive tweet got an immediate response from all the decent people on Twitter.

Cameron Jacob, however, has not relented on his Very Very Funny Tweet. He claims that “Donald Trump has said much worse” and blames white people for not understanding his fucked up sense of humor / media strategy.

“Maybe I am insensitive to school shootings cause my school never got shot up.”

So then maybe you should shut the fuck up?? My thoughts are with my alma mater today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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