The Alt-Right Is Really Pissed That Donald Trump Might Not Throw Hillary In Prison After All

Youtube / NBC News
Youtube / NBC News

Today alt-right site Breitbart published the same headline many other news organizations did: Donald Trump will not pursuing charges of additional investigations in regards to Hillary Clinton or her family foundation.

Breitbart is a far-right ideological publication, posting offensive and often extremist articles. Their editorial standards have attracted a number of anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic readers — with probably some good people — who all come together to form a rather toxic culture. Basically, Breitbart is the most mainstream watering-hole for the “deplorables” that Hillary Clinton infamously mentioned last September.

Here’s what these people had to say about Trump’s decision to not throw his political opponent in prison:

Lots of high emotions being sparked with this annoucement. YankyPanky even suggests that we should start “killing the rich” as a reaction to the special treatment they tend to get.

This gentleman, “Rat Bastard” seemed to have some particularly pointed feelings.

And the effort to get him to relax failed spectacularly.

But he certainly wasn’t the ONLY unhappy one. Hundreds of people posted comments about how disappointed they were about this turn of events. After all, what’s the point of being in power if you can’t chuck your opponents in jail?

Some people tried to defend Trump’s decision, however:

Many people floated the theory that Trump had Conway lie about his intentions to charge Hillary so that President Obama would not issue Secretary Clinton a pre-emptive pardon.

Other people just blamed the left:

The article has already attracted thousands of comments — with hundreds more coming in every minute — so it’s impossible to distill all the arguments, but portions of the alt-right are definitely pissed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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