Donald Trump Is Quoting Random People On Twitter To ‘Prove’ Voting Fraud Happened

Donald Trump just cannot get the fuck off of Twitter. Just yesterday he made the totally bogus claim that there were “millions” of cases of voter fraud that caused him to lose the election:

There is no evidence of these claims. There are absolutely, positively, no evidence of these claims.

And the media has pointed that out:


But Donald Trump isn’t happy. After all, he said that he won the popular vote. How dare anybody disagree? If the media disagrees, they must be RIGGED and BIASED!! So he decided to provide some proof of his claims.

Expect, his “proof” is just random accounts on Twitter that he begins quoting.

Closing with this very eloquent Tweet:

These accounts aren’t anyone special. Just randos that Trump found supporting him on Twitter. They know the truth, because they agree with him. Again, devoid of any evidence at all.

This is going to be a long four years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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