Does Republican Governor Scott Walker Know He Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton On Twitter?

Remember back when politicians like Scott Walker represented the worst of the Republican Party? The good ole days when being an anti-teacher union smasher was the absolute worst on the right?

Those were the days.

In the age of Donald Trump, however, politicians like Scott Walker seem moderate and reasonable (even when they aren’t centrist as much as they simply have a modicum of sanity).

ANYWAY, Scott Walker just posted this on Twitter:

See how funny it is?

Scott Walker foolishly thinks President Obama sucks, so he’s telling everyone (who he assumes dislike Obama too) that they should renounce the President by not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Except jokes on him because Obama has some of the highest approval ratings of his term so far. President Obama rescued our country’s economy from the brink, fought to reform healthcare, passed financial regulations on big banks, and represented the interests of everyday Americans.

So, with that information, here’s how people responded to Scott’s Very Clever Tweet:


LOL, wait, there’s more. A lot more.


Sorry Scott. Better luck to you and your social media team next time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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