This PISSED Woman Just Gave The Creepy Clowns The Savage Message They Deserve

Flickr / Wes Bryant
Flickr / Wes Bryant

I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone in our country is f*cking tired of these creepy clowns. Sightings of these terrifying circus clowns started in South Carolina where clowns were said to be luring children into the woods with candy and money. Since then, clowns have appeared all across the country — sometimes stalking people, sometimes sending anonymous attack threats to schools, sometimes chasing children with knives, and sometimes just staring cars down from the side of the road.

This woman, however, has had enough. She gives the terrifying clowns a message they deserve:

This recent clown scare has been particularly tragic, because career clowns (those who entertain at parties, not harass people) have come under threat. So as funny as this rant is, please never attack someone if not provoked and call the police if you feel threatened. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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