Ken Bone Just Revealed The Olive Suit He Would Have Worn Instead Of His Red Sweater And It KILLS

Oh Kenneth Bone, what did America do to deserve you?

In midst of a chaotic election featuring two disliked candidates, you provided us with some moral solace during the second presidential brawl (it wasn’t a debate, let’s admit it).

America swoons over your red sweater — BUT you almost didn’t wear it.

You revealed on various news programs that you were going to don an olive suit for the second debate, but it ripped when you were getting in the car.

In an EXCLUSIVE (not really) tweet, for the first time, you reveal your olive suit to the world:

It’s very sharp, but I still prefer the red sweater.

If you want to help Ken Bone replace his beloved olive suit, contribute to this viral GoFundMe that is looking to raise $500 for a replacement suit.


Ken Bone deserves it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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