3-Month-Old Baby Dies After Mom Leaves Her In Bathtub To Have Afternoon Sex With Ex-Boyfriend


29-year-old Angela Clark was getting ready for her ex-boyfriend to arrive for some fun afternoon sex as her 3-month old baby would just not keep quiet. The baby would not stop crying and fussing, no matter what Clark did. She tried soothing her a variety of ways, but quickly became worried that the baby would not be pacified in time for her to have sexy times with the ex.

She reassured her ex-boyfriend though, sending him this text message with her plans:


“I tried putting the baby asleep in laundry room idk if she will fall asleep tho…i’ll let her play in tub with water running with drain open.”

Unfortunately, it was this plan that lead to tragedy.

Clark’s ex arrived, she placed the baby in the bathtub with running water, and left for the bedroom to have sexual intercourse. About twenty-five minutes later, Clark’s ex was walking down the hall noticed “puddles of water,” and that the bathtub was now overflowing. He immediately began issuing CPR on the child who was face down in the bath water — as did the paramedics who arrived soon after — but it was too late.

Clark has explained her action to police, saying that she was just worried that the baby would cry through her sexual encounter and wanted her to calm down in the bath water. In total, the baby was left unsupervised in the tub for almost thirty minutes.

Angela Clark has now been arrested for 2nd degree murder and is awaiting prosecution. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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