Thought Catalog Is Going LIVE Tonight To ‘Real-Talk’ The First Presidential Debate!


Get ready for some A+++ entertainment TONIGHT at 8:30PM EST and 10:30PM EST because Thought Catalog is going LIVE to dish out some real shit about tonight’s Presidential Debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Businessman Donald Trump.

Sick of the same old tired talking heads on cable TV (none of which are under 40-years-old probably)? Tonight, we are going to hear from five millennials who are going to focus on the issues important to us dysfunctional “20-somethings”.

At 8:30PM EST we will introduce the crew, talk about debate expectations, and then sit back and watch the event. Afterwards, we will be back around 10:30PM EST to size up the performances and chat about the ~politics~. Hopefully, we can make it interactive, so show up and post in the comments of the video — but keep it PG-13 plz! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Watch it here!

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