This Café Wants People To Bring A Doctor’s Note Before Serving Gluten Free Food And People Are Pissed


Many people across the United States and the world are required to be on a gluten free diet because they have an autoimmune disorder known as coeliacs disease. Coeliacs renders the body incapable of processing gluten, and so ingesting gluten can cause the body to attack the intestines — resulting in extremely serious side effects. For people with coeliacs, they have no choice, they must eat gluten-free food. There are also other medical conditions that cause gluten insensitivity and require various accommodations.

However, in the last few years an elective “gluten free” diet has become increasingly in-vogue among people who do not necessarily have health conditions necessitating it. People claim that this diet is “healthier” or makes them “feel better” even when neither assertion is necessarily supported by scientific fact.

Making gluten free food can be challenging for restaurants — especially if their goal is to ensure that the food does not come into ANY contact with gluten elements. So apparently the White Moose Café was getting tired of making special dishes for people who didn’t really need them. That’s when they made this super controversial Facebook post.

Read below:


Their post was not…immediately the most popular stance in the world. Here are the top three responses to their “annoucement”:


The White Moose Cafe doesn’t seem to mind the negativity, however, basically telling people who object that they aren’t welcomed anyways.

Their latest post, made yesterday, still is not relenting from their borderline trollish stance:

This isn’t the first time the White Moose Cafe has kicked up controversy for outlandish statements. Previously, they pledged to charge a corkage fee to all breastfeeding mothers and to shoot any vegans on site.

While the Cafe certainly isn’t somewhere I plan on going (too crass for my tastes), it does bring up good questions about the elective gluten free diet and how people who voluntary give up gluten can inconvenience those who truly have a need. On the other hand, some say that the rise of the elective gluten free diet has created a market for more gluten free products.

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