Here’s What ‘Steve’ Is Saying On The 20th Anniversary Of Blue’s Clues

Youtube / Nicki Swift
Youtube / Nicki Swift

Many of us grew up with Blues Clues and the show’s excitable host — Steve Burns.

Believe it or not (I sure don’t) the show just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Blues Clues has been on the air for two whole decades.

…Am I really this old? (yes)

Anyway, Steve Burns — the original host of the show (did anyone like Joe??) — sent out some tweets yesterday, reflecting back to his days on the children’s show.

He is very grateful to all of us who watched him and supported his career

Though he was much less grateful about his wardrobe:

Though things have certainly changed in the last twenty years.

Honestly, I miss kid’s television a little too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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