Girl Printed Out All The Mean Subtweets Her Roommate Made About Her, Now The Police Are Involved


College can become one big blur after a while, but the vast majority of us probably remember our freshman* dorm room and our freshman roommate. Sometimes this person (or these people, in my quad room) can become close friends, sometimes you are cordial and never see each other, and sometimes they are roommates from hell.

Penn State student Jessy and her roommate didn’t get along. At all. They fought constantly, and it kinda sucked, and the roommate took her problems to social media.

Jessy stumbled upon all the nasty subtweets her roommate had made about her on Twitter. She decided to do the most passive-aggressive thing ever, and print off the tweets and hang them up in her room.

The tweets instantly went viral, which pissed the roommate off. She torn down the tweets from the wall and put her Twitter account on private.

The roommate apparently had a big problem with Jessy smoking weed. But she isn’t leaving.

But in response to these events, the roommate did decide to call the cops on Jessy.

As a former RA, I think this situation needs a serious mediation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

*I’m assuming these girls are freshmen because…well, yeah…

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