Blind Hoarder Mom Didn’t Realize She Was Living With Her Dead Son’s Corpse For 20 Years

Flickr / Tom Hodgkinson
Flickr / Tom Hodgkinson

On September 15th, a family member arrived at Rita Wolfensohn’s home to pick up some personal belongings for Wolfensohn’s stay at a hospital. What this relative found there, however, was utterly shocking.

In a second floor bedroom — in a house overflowing with garbage and debris — she found a completely intact skeleton, still wearing a complete outfit of jeans, dress socks, and a shirt. It was Rita Wolfensohn’s son.

It was Rita Wolfensohn’s son.


Source: via Break

When police spoke to Wolfensohn, she told them about how her son had “moved out” a while ago. It did not seem to occur to her that his bones were gathering dust in her spare bedroom. The entire house is said to reek of rotten food, and be filled to the brim with possessions like an episode of Hoarders.

Wolfensohn is legally blind, and relatives say that they have mostly lost touch with her over the years. Wolfensohn had two sons, Michael and Louis. Michael died in 2003, and relatives have said that they hadn’t seen Loius in over twenty years — which is roughly how long police suspect his lifeless corpse has been rotting in the house.

An investigation into this case is ongoing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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