27-Year-Old Bride Shot To Death By Cousin Only Mere Hours Before Her Wedding

istockphoto.com / EricVega
istockphoto.com / EricVega

An unidentified 27-year-old Pakistani women was en route to her wedding when she was shot to death by her paternal cousin, a man named Muhammad Zubair.

According to news reports, the bride-to-be was being driven to the wedding venue after getting her hair done at a specialty stylist when she was attacked. Her car was followed and ambushed by two motorcyclists who began firing bullets at the vehicle near a local college.

Eventually the bullets broke through the glass, and hit the bride in the head and neck. She had died before emergency services arrived at the scene.

The apparent assailant was Muhammad Zubair, a cousin to the bride. The reason for his grisly attack involves a lot of complicated family politics.

Muhammad Faisal — the bride’s brother — tries to explain the motive:

Giving the reason behind the gruesome act, Faisal said Zubair was unhappy with them for giving his sister’s hand to a man who’s family did not have good relations with his family.

But he told his uncle that he had no problem in giving his sister’s hand to the groom’s family. (Source)

In a Romeo and Juliet-esque situation, there was some kind of apparent feud between the family of the bride and groom. While many people in the family were okay with putting it aside for this marriage, others were evidently not. According to Faisal this is not the first time there has been a pre-wedding murder in his family.

The other attacker is still at-large and not identified. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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