This Hilarious Daughter Can’t Stop Trolling Her Mom Via Text And You’ll DIE Of Laughter

Flickr / Ben Garney
Flickr / Ben Garney

“Elizabeth” just might be one of the funniest people on the internet. (Or maybe one of the worst if you’re a parent!)

She isn’t afraid to engage in some light trolling of her mother via text, or in real life.

For instance, when her Mom first started using her phone and wasn’t very good at typing:

Or when she then wanted some very specific tech support with it:

Or when “mom” was trying to talk about dead people.

And then came the pranks:

And more than a little sass:

And right when you think it’s going to end — it doesn’t.

Like, WTF. Who has time to come up with this stuff!!

But, mom manages to out-troll her daughter in the end!

Or does she??

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