Texas Woman Accused Of Child Abuse Claims Demons Caused Her Daughter’s Bruises

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Texas resident Holly Anne Jones is currently in prison for child abuse allegedly directed toward her 2-year-old daughter.

According to Jones, she started noticing weird bruises appearing all over her daughter after a trip to the beach. The girl’s hair also began falling out in clumps. Jones responded by taking her daughter to the emergency room, where local law enforcement were summoned by medical staff.


Police asked Jones how she typically disciplines her daughter, and she claimed to only put the girl in “time-out” — especially in response to  “temper tantrums,” where Jones claims her daughter occasionally hits herself in fits of anger.

When investigators examined the girl’s body, they found bruises all over, sores in her mouth and body, as well as extensive hair loss. Police claim that these are evidence of “severe discipline.” Jones, however, insists that she has no culpability for the injuries.

“Holly once stated the bruising was due to a ‘demonic presence’ in her house. She also stated that the child could have bruised herself by hitting herself in the face.” (Source)

Jones’ boyfriend backs up her story, saying that he never saw any violence between the mother and daughter.

Eventually, however, Jones alluded that her boyfriend might be causing the injuries. She later clarified that she never saw anything like that, and reverted to her theory about the demonic possession.

The boyfriend’s father reiterated that the girl’s bruising was caused by “spirits.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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