Gigi Gorgeous Has Been Detained In Dubai Just Because She’s Transgender

Gigi Gorgeous — known for being a transgender model and close friends with celebrity Kylie Jenner — has been trapped in a Dubai airport, unable to leave, because she is transgender.

Here Gigi expresses her excitement at traveling soon. Little did she know what a hot mess she’d be forced into…

Born Gregory Lazzarato, Gigi has had all her formal documents changed to reflect her chosen name and gender. Despite this, Dubai claims that her passport does not accurately describe her and has confiscated it. They will not let her into the city, or return her passport at this time.

All over the internet, fans have issued cries of support for Gigi.

Others have pushed back, saying that the current outcry is a bit of an overreaction:

Hopefully someday we live in a world where people can travel in peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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