‘Christian’ Group Says Tom Daley Did Poorly At Olympics Because He ‘Went Gay’

A “Christian” group known as the “Christian Voice” (certainly not my voice…) has refused to back down since tweeting that Tom Daley’s poor Olympic performance was because of him “turning gay.”

According to the organization, God seems to not be favoring Daley any longer now that he is expressing his authentic self by romantically loving other men. The group goes on to state that “the only reason” Daley “turned gay” was because of the influence of an older man.

First off, if dating people older than you is a sin, there are quite a few straight couples that have stuff to explain. Second off, this is disgusting homophobic bullshit.

Many people have come forward to condemn the organization and their tweets, including acclaimed Harry Potter series author, JK Rowling.

The Christian Voice, when not making disgusting tweets on the internet, is spreading the message that Great Britain is “deep in sin.”

The government is encouraging children into promiscuity, perversion is honoured, injustice is done in the courts and the poor are robbed by the national lottery. The Christian Faith itself is under attack from the media and homosexual activists.

Our politicians lie and cheat, and our soldiers are dying for no reason in a foreign land. Last but not least, we kill our own children in what should be the safest place on God’s earth. Secularism is destroying our land, Christianity has been pushed to the margins and Islam is waiting to fill the vacuum. The judgement of God is falling on us. How did it come to this?

Maybe this nasty behavior is why they only have 500 followers on Twitter? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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