7 People In Every GroupMe Who Just Need To Stop

Look Catalog & Mike Jaggers
Look Catalog & Mike Jaggers

1. The Complainer

This person complains and moans about virtually EVERY. SINGLE. MESSAGE that’s posted in the group. Even though we can *all* mute the app, there’s always that ONE guy who has to complain and whine about how active the GroupMe is.

“Guyyyyyssss can we please stop?? Guyyyyyyysss I’m working and this is annoying.” COOL MAN, just leave already. Be free.

2. The Ghost

This person like, literally never contributes. Maybe they heart something every once in a while and you’re like, “WTF!? I forgot you were even in here! Who are you?” Maybe they were an obligatory add because they were around when the GroupMe was discussed, or maybe they are just super quiet, but you’ll probably never hear from them.

3. The King of Side-Convos

This person is probably the reason The Complainer hates GroupMe. They are like always going off onto tangents that nobody cares about. You’ll frequently see this person @-ing someone with super specific questions that could easily be asked via a DM or text message. Instead, they are like, “HEY @DAN DID U FORGET UR RECTAL MEDICINE AT MY HOUSE?????! I HAVE IT” or other useless shit.

4. The Soliloquist

Kinda like the King of Side-Convos, this person just posts totally random shit without even pretending anyone else cares. Like, think random GIFs or facts that nobody is interested in.

5. The Jokester

This dude is totally fixated on trolling for likes and laughs. They obsessively post the same stupid GIFs, memes, and inside jokes LONG after they’ve been funny. If this person is extra terrible in your GroupMe, they might also come with a set of (not) hilarious puns.

6. The Cop

This person loves kicking people out of the GroupMe. Like either as a joke, or as a “cleaning exercise” they just LOVE seeing that they — with their power — has removed someone from the GroupMe. Oftentimes you’ll get texts from people asking to be re-added after the Cop has gone on a removal spree. SMDH.

7. The Rebrander

The Rebrander is the dude who just LOVES to constantly rename the GroupMe. Like every few days this person will come up with a SUPER FUNNY new name for the GroupMe. Like dude, just let it be. It’s okay. The name is okay. I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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