This EPIC Facebook Post Just Took Enablers Of Rape Culture And Read Them For Filth

Flickr / Helga Weber
Flickr / Helga Weber

Too often women who are victims of sexual assault are questioned because, “Are you sure you weren’t asking for it??”

They are interrogated about how much they flirted, or what they were wearing, or whether they really meant “no.”

Rapist enablers make excuses for the attacker, as we saw in the Brock Turner case (“He comes from such a good family”, “It was only a few seconds of action!” “This could ruin his future!”)


Let’s compare sexual assault to a different crime — like, say, robbery — to discover how bogus some of these asinine questions are:

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Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Neither does suggesting that when someone says “no” they don’t actually mean no. TC mark

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