This Christian Woman Wants You To Stop Playing Pokémon Go

Flickr / Shunsuke Kobayashi
Flickr / Shunsuke Kobayashi

The latest craze for all ages is the new “Pokémon Go” game, which allows longtime Pokémon fanatics to finally enjoy their world in real life! Players use their phones to see Pokémon creatures in their real world surroundings, and can battle real people for ownership “gyms.” The whole thing is pretty cool, and an awesome blast from the past for career Pokémon-lovers.

However, not everyone is happy about Pokémon Go. This Christian woman posted a defiant post on Facebook, disappointed that this was how people chose to spend their time.


The woman’s chief gripe seems to be that people would prefer to play Pokémon Go than spread the “good news” about Christ door-to-door. While she seems to be okay with people playing the game in small doses, she wants you Pokémasters to “rethink your priorities.”

I guess she roots for Team Rocket? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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