Ted Cruz’s Tender Heart Was Broken After Being Booed At RNC Convention

Elex Michaelson of ABC7 has reported that Ted Cruz was apparently “visibly upset” and “shaken” after he got his ass booed off the stage at the RNC Convention.

Ted Cruz — a vicious opponent of Donald Trump in the GOP primary — exchanged many vitriolic attacks with the presumptive nominee during the campaign. Many people expected him to finally throw his support behind Trump, but he didn’t.

Instead, Cruz told people to “vote their conscience,” which is exactly when the booing began — starting with the New York delegation.

The booing continued as they were subjected to hearing more audible words from Ted Cruz that were not in full devotion of Overlord Trump.

At the end of Ted Cruz’s speech, Donald Trump entered the arena, fully diverting attention from the despondent Cruz to the nominee himself. Cruz then began his lonely trudge off the stage, brokenhearted, to the sound of people booing and his few diehard supporters urging him to carry on. TC mark

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