Moronic Float In Indiana Parade Calls President Obama ‘Lying African’

WTHR / Viewer Photo
WTHR / Viewer Photo

This is the float that was sighted at a city parade in Sheridan, Indiana. It has attracted some considerable (negative) attention since a picture of it went viral courtesy of the Facebook group “Periods for Pence.”

Seriously, guys, share the hell out of this. I want this to go national. If Pence is hitching himself to the racist wagon, let’s let Hoosiers know! Hopefully he’ll ride it right on out of Indiana. Disgusting and shameful. (Source: Periods for Pence)

The red golf cart-like vehicle is decked out with Donald Trump signs on top, with a crude “Obama” figure sitting upon a bucket labeled “royal flush.”

Even people who aren’t crazy about President Obama aren’t exceptionally impressed by this “float”:


The owner of float has remained unidentified.

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