BREAKING: Is There A Coup Going On In Turkey Right Now?

Reports have surfaced from Turkey that a military coup is underway.

Videos of tanks rolling through streets have made their way to Twitter:

And bridges are being shut down by the military.

Lots of delays at a key Turkish airport.

And jets flying over the city.

These rumors have recently been confirmed by the nation’s Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, avoiding the word “coup,” has said there was an “illegal seizure of power” and that military action was “being taken without the chain of command.”

The nation of Turkey is, unfortunately, no stranger to military intervention into the civilian government.

Regardless, this is supremely concerning to the people in Turkey.

According to the military, they now have control over the government. This has not yet been confirmed. Some people on Twitter claim that government officials have been arrested by the military.

The military has put out a statement, saying they have taken control of the country to protect human rights.

Hopefully, whatever exactly is going on, will end peacefully. TC mark

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