This Dumbass Is Angry That People Actually Signed His #Brexit Petition

Meet Oliver Healey, a UK “politician” who has been a strong proponent of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.


Before the polls even closed last week, however, he created a Parliament petition to hold a second referendum if the remain or leave vote was less than 60% of the total vote.


Healey started this petition when it was looking like “Remain” was going to edge out a victory. However, as we all know by now, “Leave” actually won by a little less than 2%.

Since that result, over three million people have signed Healey’s petition — including people who staunchly support “Remain” and those who voted Leave, but now have cold feet.

Doesn’t the same logic considered when creating the petition still apply now that it is “Leave” rather than “Remain” that won?

Apparently not, according to Healey:


Apparently, if “Remain” had won by a narrow margin that would have been cause for a revote. But because “Leave” won by a narrow margin, every vote was “weighted equally and it was a true reflection of the mood of the country.”

Healey then goes on to throw shade at the “Remain” campaign, because they are actually signing his petition — and damn, that’s just wrong.

TL;DR = Guy creates petition to have revote if the vote is close. Thinks petition shouldn’t apply if his side wins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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