‘Rape Isn’t Always Because Of Rapists!’ Brock Turner’s Friend Says In His Defense

Youtube / TomoNews US
Youtube / TomoNews US

Brock Turner is the former Stanford swimmer who was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to only six months in jail because the judge thought “prison might effect him.” Right before that sentence was handed down, however, he had a remarkable defender in an old friend, who penned a letter to the court.

His friend, Leslie Rasmussen, blames his conviction on “political correctness,” saying that Brock isn’t a rapist, he was just drunk and confused. After all, she says Brock was always very sweet to people in high school, so that makes up for it right?

“But where do we draw the line and stop worrying about being politically correct every second of the day and see that rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists.”

She goes on to say that this instance, “is completely different from a woman getting kidnapped and raped as she is walking to her car.” And implies that being drunk should be a feasible excuse for raping someone — among hundreds of other crimes too, I suppose. TC mark

Read her whole letter below:

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  • http://allensrepositoryofstuff.wordpress.com allensrepositoryofstuff

    It saddens me that a promising young man, with perhaps Olympic potential, chose to throw it all away by abusing a woman. I don’t care that he was drunk. Drink tends to bring out the very nature of an individual. In Vino Veritas. Predators are very good at blending in among the prey. Jeffrey Dahmer was described as a nice, quiet young man. The judge was correct that jail would effect him, and it should, as he deserves what punishment society has decided for his actions. Our justice system is not perfect; I believe this is a prime example of one of its failures. I hope that the victim’s family successfully appeals this ruling to a higher court.

  • avid reader

    I am appalled by the insensitive letter the friend wrote. No excuse of being drunk. Drinking is no excuse for abuse, and he clearly was sexually abusing the woman and also intended of getting away with it by framing the woman liked what he did. He might be a nice person but if alcohol made him commit the crime then for me it reveals his dark side which is hidden behind his “politically correct” behaviour.

  • justanotherblog2296

    This is absolutely disgusting. Abuse is abuse. There’s no justification for it.

  • http://voluptuouscara.wordpress.com Cara

    Rape isn’t always because of rapists? OK then, if Brock Turner is not to blame, as Leslie Rasmussen says, then who is? Is the woman who passed out behind a dumpster to blame…did something about the way she was unconscious compel Brock Turner to have sex with her? Or maybe it was the fault of the bartender who served Brock Turner alcohol…he claims to have been “drunk and confused” when he attacked the woman. Obviously the bartender poured liquor down his throat, KNOWING that Mr. Turner would then go out and rape a woman in his intoxicated state, and so the bartender, and not Mr. Turner, should have been convicted of rape. Or perhaps it was Mr. Turner’s parents, they didn’t teach him to respect women, they should be convicted in his place.

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