Here’s How You Can Get A Free Donut Today (On National Donut Day!)

Good morning, and welcome to another dope ass consumeristic holiday! Unlike other holidays, however, this one doesn’t even pretend to not be about consumption! Today is National Donut Day!! And it’s all about eating donuts until we pass out in our office breakrooms!

And what is a holiday without its perks?? Well, the perk today is that there are FREE DONUTS all around you (maybe)!! Wanna find out how to get one? Read on!

Dunkin’ Donuts

The king of all donuts!! Dunkin’ has gotten a little stingy this year, however, and are only offering their free donut with a coffee purchase! Still, though, you were probably gonna get the coffee anyway!

Duck Donuts

Get one free sugar donut for everyone! But you have to visit their Facebook page?? And do something? Idk.

Krispy Kreme

FREE DONUT OF YOUR CHOICE! No purchases needed, no likes necessary, no limitations on our choice — this is the freedom that America deserves!

Giant Eagle

A grocery store chain is offering 6 free donuts with the purchase of 6! Make lots of friends at the office today (or just eat yourself into a delicious doughy food coma!)


Most locations will offer one free donut, and one lucky winner will get free donuts for the ENTIRE YEAR (if they last that long).

Shipley Do-Nuts

One free glazed donut to anyone that comes through the door!

Also, apparently Starbucks is giving everyone 10% off their online orders for #NationalDonutDay. Nobody really knows why, though. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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