Buzzfeed: ‘We Won’t Run Trump Ads For The Same Reason We Won’t Run Cigarette Ads—They Are Hazardous For Your Health’

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Buzzfeed co-founder Jonah Peretti just announced the company’s decision to not run “Trump for President” ads on Buzzfeed or any of their other properties. Peretti said that Buzzfeed and the Republican National Committee reached an agreement several months back to run Republican ads on the site, however they will not permit ads, specifically, for presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hence, Buzzfeed terminated the agreement with the RNC.

Peretti claims that Buzzfeed doesn’t necessarily have to “agree” with all their advertisers, but that they will not run advertisements for things that “threaten people’s health”—like say, cigarettes, or Donald Trump.

Read the whole email from Jonah Peretti to Buzzfeed employees below: TC mark

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