It Turns Out That Burger King’s New Hotdog Looks A Lot Like Grilled Shit

Burger King is really excited about their new hot dog.

In this commercial, they compare it to the advent of fire (wow!)

Setting the bar v v v v high.

But will expectations meet reality?

Here is a picture of what their hot dog is advertised to look like.


Looks pretty good right? Might actually want to buy it.

Well, a heroic reddit user decided to give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen??

This is the worst that could happen:


What is that? Food!?

“Leave it to BK to fuck up the least fuck upable food on the planet,” one reddit user said.

Another user summed up the experience with this meme, and we have to agree that it says it all.


The king can’t cook. TC mark

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