Guy Hopes These Unique Flyers Will Find Him A Decent Roommate (For Once)

Alfredo Salkeld’s roommate was moving out, so he needed to find another one. See, the thing is, however, Salkeld had already lived with his fair share of shitty roommates. And he was done. Like #done.

So instead of jumping on craigslist or some other breeding ground for non-dish washers, he decided to create some unique flyers that would tout what a great roommate he would be. Hopefully greatness attracts greatness, right??

Here are some of them:

If We Were Roommates
If We Were Roommates
If We Were Roommates
If We Were Roommates

In addition to the flyers, he also created a website for his search which contained other key information:

If We Were Roommates
If We Were Roommates

Salkeld has apparently received some submissions from all the publicity of his posters, but not all of the offers are exactly what he was looking for.

“One response said, ‘I’m a hooker. I might ask you to do a threesome if the client is really into it.'” Salkeld told Mashable.

Overall, Salkeld hopes all his work will help him find a roommate he can live comfortably with. It shouldn’t be too hard, this dude has a great sense of humor.

If We Were Roommates
If We Were Roommates

Anyone looking for a place?? TC mark

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