Everyone Thought This Student Was The Dumbest Girl In Class, But Actually She Was The Kindest

Flickr / Steven Brewer
Flickr / Steven Brewer

A viral Tumblr post tells the story of a girl who was considered to be “like, really dumb.”

i had this girl in my class and she was considered to be like really dumb. she’d ask a ton of doubts and questions in class, which everybody would consider to be “stupid”and “silly” and even the teachers would often taunt her but she’d never stop asking. but the thing was that she’d almost always top the class examinations and everyone was like???? they all thought she was cheating and stuff and obviously even the teachers were very biased because she wasn’t so ‘smart’ in class, and she was regularly accused of cheating. but nobody could prove that she was actually cheating but the whole class and teachers totally believed that she did.

But what was actually going on was incredibly inspirational:

I’m pretty socially awkward so i never really talked to her, but she was leaving school this year and i was genuinely curious about how she was so good during exams and how she didn’t let everyone’s remarks affect her. she always used to sit and hang out with only one girl, and she told me that that friend of hers was severely socially anxious and she’d lag in studies because she couldn’t bring herself to ask doubts in class or ask for help from others. so they had this system where during lectures her friend would write down any question she had, and she would ask them for her. and i was just so touched??? idk but it really changed the way i looked at people?? this girl endured taunts and jeers and borderline bullying for being “stupid” when she was actually really smart and could easily have refused to ask such doubts for her friend but she did?? and brushed off everything others would throw at her for her friend?? i was just, idk it just really changed me in some way.

I dunno about you, but I find it really inspirational too. Read the full post, in its original form, below:

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