WTF: Utah Teacher Claims Having Sex With Students Helped Them Get Better Grades

Meet Brianne Altice, a former Utah English teacher and her (probably) very unhappy lawyer.

Youtube / Nicole Biscoe
Youtube / Nicole Biscoe

Altice has been charged for having sex with a student multiple times.

Earlier this year she was already found guilty of having sex with other students.

Youtube / New York Daily News
Youtube / New York Daily News

In a handwritten response to the prosecution, Altice defends her actions, saying she had no “evil intent.”

U.S. District Court Of Utah
U.S. District Court Of Utah

She says in the letter that the student (in this particular lawsuit) was her defender, and stood up for her when other students made inappropriate sexual remarks.

Facebook / Free Brianne Altice
Facebook / Free Brianne Altice

She said that the student then came to her to ask for advice on dealing with his parents, and that she eventually fell for him.

“Ms. Altice expressed and advised [the boy] to communicate with his parents and continue to do his best in school,” Altice penned herself.

Altice went on to say that the student’s grades actually improved as the year — and their sexual affair — went on.

Interesting “teaching method…” TC mark

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