OMG This Cute Bird Landed Right In The Middle Of A Bernie Sanders Rally And Triggered #BirdieSanders

Bernie Sanders was just kicking off a typical rally in Portland, Oregon when he received a little visitor.

A protestor? No. A tiny little bird!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.05.06 PM

The crowd erupted in cheers when the bird landed! Even Bernie looks ready to flip out!


Look at those faces of pure amazement! Is it a plane? Is it single payer health insurance? No, it’s a f*cking bird!!!

And everyone went even crazier when it flew onto the podium!


“Great timing,” Bernie whispered to the bird (probably).

Watch the whole thing here:

The bird’s appearance at Bernie’s rally has triggered a social media sensation — #BirdieSanders.

Some people even compared the situation from the time Donald Trump got attacked by an eagle. Mother nature knows who she’s endorsing??

We’ll see if this little bird gives Bernie any luck with the caucuses tomorrow! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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