Inspirational Teacher Tells Anxious Students EXACTLY How Much Standardized Tests Matter

Flickr / US Department of Education
Flickr / US Department of Education

Abby Martin was more than slightly concerned when her son told her that he had cried at school.

But when she heard why, she wanted to cry too.

He had teared up after reading his teacher’s note, that reassured him he was valuable NO MATTER how he did on a test.

Facebook / Abby Martin
Facebook / Abby Martin

I’m not sure I can do justice by summarizing the note, so the entire thing is below:

Facebook / Abby Martin

The teacher has asked not to be identified, in order to keep the focus on the message and not the individual, but parents have been thrilled about the message contained:

Facebook / Abby Martin
Facebook / Abby Martin

ISTEP is a standardized test in Indiana that is tied to both overall school funding and individual teacher pay. TC mark

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