Here’s All Your Favorite Celebrities Rockin’ It At The Oscars

Chris Rock hanging out backstage

Stallone prepped for the best night ever (though he actually lost)

Kate Winslet sporting a smooth black dress

Reese Witherspoon hanging with BB-8

Lady Gaga made a super powerful statement about self love

Heidi Klum bested even the Disney Princesses

Olivia Munn just wanted a snack

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar — and talked about the perils of global warming

Amy Poehler wore the most interesting dress ever

Kerry Washington killed the red carpet

Pharrell likes to take car selfies before going to the Oscars

Cate Blanchett basically wore a dress of flowers

John Legend resisted the temptation to run down the red carpet

The Weeknd made sure his hair defeated gravity

Jared Leto took a pretty bad selfie en route

Whoopi Goldberg showed basically everyone up

And Sam Smith wore a dope tux

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