As It Turns Out, Homophobes Are Just Really F*cking Sexually Repressed

Many, if not all of us, have a homophobe or two in our lives. These are people who obsessively hate “the gays” — that is to say, the people who are attracted to people of the same gender.

Ya know, like this dude:

Flickr / Elvert Barnes
Flickr / Elvert Barnes

And I think it leaves many of us wondering… why?

Why all the time, why all the energy, why all the passion dedicated to hating people?

Well, science might just have an answer!

A UCLA psychology study suggests that opponents of same sex marriage are deeply uncomfortable around the topic of sex, particularly people who engage in sex outside of marriage.

Subjects in the study who reacted negatively toward gays extremely quickly were found to subconsciously link homosexuality and promiscuity as “like” terms. That is to say, they mentally regard every homosexual as a promiscuous sex-fiend, and that makes them very very uncomfortable.

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Indeed, when the study asked participants about “monogamous” gay relationships, the negative reaction time of those opposing homosexuality got considerably slower. This indicates that their problem might not be “the gays” per se, but sex.

“Many people who oppose same-sex marriage are uncomfortable with casual sex and feel threatened by sexual promiscuity,” David Pinsof, the lead author on the study told PsyPost.

So to all you homophobes out there, we respond to you not with hate, but with a never more appropriate plea:

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Just go get laid already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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