18 Reasons This Millennial Is Rooting For Bernie And You Should Too

Sooo, Bernie Sanders has been exceeding expectations in the Democratic Primary System, and maybe you’re wondering what all the hype is about! With lots of primary contests yet to go, here are just a few of the MANY reasons you should join me in supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders!

1. His policy proposals and positions have been relatively consistent over a 20+ year political career.

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Bernie has been talking about income inequality, gay rights, and other issues long before Secretary Clinton or mainstream politics. Time and time again, he has been on the right side of history. Like when —

2. He had the vision to oppose the Iraq war.

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He cast one of the few votes against the Iraq War; which turned out to be a massive goose chase for Weapons Of Mass Destruction in a country that was already torn apart by its own oppressive government. With the 1.7 trillion dollars we spent in Iraq, we could have sent close to 50,000,000 students to college — tuition free.

3. His campaign isn’t bought and paid for by Wall Street.

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He doesn’t have a SuperPAC (the shady organizations that allow candidates to take unlimited $$$ from almost-anonymous big donors). He doesn’t take Wall Street contributions. He doesn’t give profit-earning speeches to members of the financial sector elite.

4. He doesn’t misuse religion for political purposes.

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Too many politicians, especially those on the conservative side, appropriate religion to advance their political agendas. They spike up fears about “the gays,” abortion, the “War on Christmas” and other nonsense issues. Bernie’s primary religion is helping people, and that’s the only statement about spirituality he has really made in this campaign.

5. He sticks up for women’s rights, and is damn proud of it.

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Bernie has consistently defended Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to make health choices for her own body.

6. And he’s always willing to talk to people — even those who disagree with him.

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Bernie went out of his way to visit “Liberty University” an incredibly conservative Christian college where he probably won’t get many votes.

7. He shoots hoops like a baller.

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Seriously, this guy has better layups than most people my age.

8. He has an awesome side-eye.

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Just look at that shade.

9. He’s not interested in petty politics.

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Bernie has refused dozens of opportunities to attack Hillary Clinton because he understands that campaigns need to be about the American people.

10. He truly cares about the middle and lower classes.

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Bernie has been talking about income inequality for over twenty years, and in that time, things have only gotten worse. Almost all net income growth over the last two decades has been isolated to to the top 1%, while middle-class Americans are working longer hours for less money. Bernie wants to change that.

11. He believes in science!

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The Republican Party’s stance on climate change has been to cover their ears and sing “lalalalalalala! I. CAN’T. HEAR. YOU!!!!!” as scientists warn that temperature increases are already reaching the point of no return. Bernie, on the other hand, trusts scientists to do his job; and is willing to do his job as a politician to keep our future safe for generations to come.

12. He understands how to deal with Donald Trump.

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13. He wants to fix the inequities that exist in our criminal justice system.

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Not a single corporate tycoon was thrown in jail for their reckless gambling that lead to the 2008 economical recession. But everyday, kids are thrown in prison for smoking a few blades of grass. Bernie understands how *insane* this is, and wants to fix it.

14. And he wants to end the bigoted witch-hunt against Muslims.

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Terrorists have hailed from virtually every major religion in the world. By tagging everyone in Islam as terrorists we are just making ISIS’ job easier for them.

15. He believes that #BlackLivesMatter —

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Yes, every life matters. But “every” life isn’t subject to the same level of aggression by militarized police departments.

16. — but he still stands with the ethical cops who work to keep us safe.

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17. He believes education is a right afforded to all people who want to achieve it.

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In this day, it is almost impossible to attain a middle-class income without some sort of higher education. Your lifetime socioeconomic class should not be determined by how much money your parents have. Everyone should have the opportunity to go to college and give their children a better life than they had.

18. And, ultimately, he wants to bring us all together.

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Because, at the end of the day, we are all Americans. TC mark

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