This Sith Cat Seriously Looks Like Adam Driver

Modified from Tumblr / bushmeister123
Modified from Tumblr / bushmeister123

Did you know the true power of the dark side is the ability of the internet to find a cat that looks EXACTLY like Adam Driver (aka Sith Lord Kylo Ren, aka the villain with dreamy hair).

Here is Adam Driver:

Source: Tumblr

Here is the cat:

Source: Tumblr

Can you even tell the difference?

Seriously, take another look and tell me which is Adam Driver and which is the cat?

Guess, I dare you. Answer key is at the bottom.


Source: Tumblr


Source: Tumblr

The cat is going viral on Reddit for looking like Star Wars’ new angsty Sith Lord, but as it turns out, he isn’t Driver’s only feline lookalike.

Source: Tumblr

Is this condition more common than we first predicted?? Is it possible to, over time, make one’s cat (or one’s self…) look more like Adam Driver? Someone answer these v. important questions plz. TC mark

Answer Key: (1) The cat, (2) Adam Driver

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