18 Viral Images That Anyone With A Hot Mess Life Will Instantly Relate To

1. You always like to play by your own rules, and it sometimes gets you in trouble…

2. Also, you might spend a *little* too much time around your cats

3. And you are prone to making some MINOR technical errors when discussing academic concepts…

4. Your work ethic might be a bit weak from time-to-time,

5. And your social skills might not always be on-point…

6. But you have an awesome sense of humor!!

7. (maybe?)

8. Okay, okay, so you might not have the best diet in the world,

9. And you might forget to text people back from time-to-time,

10. But other aspects of your life are TOTALLY under control, right??

12. And yeah, you might judge people

13. But they unfairly judge you back, so it’s fair??

14. Sometimes you get involved in petty drama,

15. But you aren’t the one starting it!!

16. (usually)

17. ALSO, somehow you’re ALWAYS the one who gets caught doing things…

18. UGH! Maybe you just have unrealistic expectations?

Hot messes unite 5eva. TC mark

Jacob Geers

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