What Your Favorite ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character Says About You

The new Star Wars movie is out, and people are pretty excited about it! The new film features tons of awesome characters, both new and old, who support the thrilling plot line. So the next question is obvious: What does your favorite Star Wars candidate say about you??

1. Han Solo

Youtube / Star Wars
Youtube / Star Wars

You don’t tolerate nonsense or drama in your life. You are resilient toward other’s opinions of you, and you pride yourself on being fiercely determined.

Your haters think of you as arrogant, but really you just want to do your own thing without being annoyed. You can be a minimalist sometimes, only buying the newest gadget or technology when the benefit is clear (i.e. you might have been the last person in your friend group to get a smartphone or other gizmo).

While you have an extremely caring heart, you aren’t always the best at showing your emotions. Emotions usually just get in the way of a job you have to do, and you aren’t really into the “touchy-feely” stuff.

You might not have a huge friend group, but the friends you have are for life, and you would all stick together through thick and thin!

2. Kylo Ren

Youtube / Clevver Movies
Youtube / Clevver Movies

You are a moody and angsty preteen at heart, and most definitely have a long history of shopping at Hot Topic. You have a wide array of hair products, and you can’t say you’ve never owned a studded belt. You probably drink a lot of coffee.

You have always had a turbulent relationship with authority because it always kinda feels like everyone is out to get you. People assume you are mean based on your angry exterior, but you actually care very deeply for your friends and have a tender side that doesn’t always show through.

Somehow you always end up falling for the “bad boys,” because this time you will definitely be able to “fix” them.

You are always trying to prove yourself, and you are extremely dedicated to your career. You are always willing to do what it takes.

You’re probably also #TeamSnape.

3. Rey

Youtube / Star Wars
Youtube / Star Wars

From an outsider’s perspective you keep your head down and go with the flow, but you actually have a very firm morality, and you are never afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

You would probably consider yourself a feminist, but you are more concerned with getting a job done than dealing with labels. You are willing to give anyone a chance, but once you are double-crossed, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Your clothing choices are usually low-maintenance because you can’t be bothered to drop money on clothing you’ll probably never wear. You love thrifting and garage sales.

You aren’t super interested in politics and are kind of jaded when it comes to institutions. You truly tend to believe the best in individual people, and are overall and optimistic person.

4. Finn

Youtube / Star Wars
Youtube / Star Wars

You have a little bit of a history as a lone wolf, and aren’t immediately associated with any specific groups. While you have a deeply embedded sense of right and wrong, you also have an instinctive need for self-preservation.

You are an extremely talented improvisor. You can convince almost anyone of almost anything, and can pick up new talents on the fly. You have a long history of getting out of some REALLY tough spots.

You are pretty much immune to manipulation, but can connect with others’ experiences and emotions. You have a hilarious sense of humor, even in inappropriate situations. Chipotle is the only chain restaurant you’ll eat at.

5. Poe Dameron

Youtube / Star Wars
Youtube / Star Wars

You are the funny one in your group, and you totally embrace it. You are constantly pitching jokes, and your off-color humor and pranks have gotten you in trouble more than once.

People are usually surprised to find out you are as talented as you are. Beneath the jokes there exists a truly talented person who is great at the stuff you put your mind to. That said, you tend to get extremely bored with work you aren’t interested in, and can also get distracted when working on more time-consuming projects.

You have a large circle of friends, but only a trusted few are your “best friends.” For them, however, you would do absolutely anything.

You are also known for being pretty damn stylish. You are consistently sporting the recent trends and get a ton of compliments for your clothing choices.

6. Maz Kanata

Twitter / NickiNairobian
Twitter / NickiNairobian

First off, you don’t take shit.

Second off, you really don’t take shit.

You are probably one of the most loyal people in your friend circle, but that loyalty has to be earned. You expect people to have your back when you have theirs, and if not, you will totally #NOPE out of people’s lives because you don’t give a fly.

You are a huge sassbasket, and your best friends are willing to take it and also dish it back.

You aren’t crazy about change, because aren’t things working fine as they are? You will always be there for your friends who mess up and need help, but you have zero tolerance for fake people who pretend to have it all together. You also are just really good at reading people and understanding what makes them tick.

7. BB-8

Youtube / Star Wars
Youtube / Star Wars

You enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and don’t intentionally get caught up in stuff that doesn’t directly concern you. You aren’t very interested in politics or current events, and really just go to work to get a job done and receive a paycheck.

You are the friend who just swipes through your phone when people are having huge freak-outs about “Obama” or “Donald Trump” or whatever folks are angry about on that given day. Despite this, people frequently bug you to give your opinion or help their “side.”

That’s not to say you’re apathetic about life in general! You absolutely adore your friends and would do almost anything for them! You are immune to drama and are that friend that almost everyone comes to when they experience a breakup, a job loss, or just need to talk. Your heart is large almost to the point of breaking, and your friends and family are the most important part of your life.

8. Leia Organa

Youtube / wellybellycrazygirl
Youtube / wellybellycrazygirl

You are totally kicking butt and taking names.

You are basically the Beyoncé of your friend group. You dress for success, you are intelligent, you are confident, and you are basically a legend. You do most of your shopping online, because your day job keeps you very busy. You are extremely committed to your career and have seen a ton of upward advancement in a short amount of time.

Despite this, life feels lonely every once and a while. You always put work first, so you’ve had some trouble nailing down a long term partner. You have a small group of close friends, but it takes a while for you to trust people. You drink exactly two cups of coffee a day and are constantly trying to keep up a journal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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