Watching This Infected Cyst Get Drained Is Weirdly Satisfying

Can you watch through this entire video? I dare you.

It is actually pretty satisfying for some bizarre reason.

The video stars a male patient, an infected cyst, and Dr. John Gilmore, MD — the brave doctor who is going to remove it. It’s gonna rock your world.

Youtube / John Gilmore, MD
Meet the cyst | Youtube / John Gilmore, MD

Ouch! That needle looks sharp!

Youtube / John Gilmore, MD
Youtube / John Gilmore, MD

And here we go with the knife!

Youtube / John Gilmore, MD
Youtube / John Gilmore, MD

Buckle up, the whole video is below! I think it goes without saying that this video might make some of us a ‘lil bit squeamish.

Can we also talk about this video’s description for a minute??

Youtube / John Gilmore, MD
Youtube / John Gilmore, MD

I don’t know which part I like more: the fact there is a mysterious unseen “Gonzo” in this movie with a foul attitude, or the fact that Dr. Gilmore is openly encouraging trolling, as long as it is funny, of course. TC mark

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