University President Says America Needs More Guns So We Can ‘End Those Muslims’

Facebook / ABC 13 News- WSET Official Page
Facebook / ABC 13 News- WSET Official Page

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. is under fire for some comments he made before the student body on Friday where he suggested that more people should get a concealed carry so we can “end those Muslims…”

The remarks were first captured via mobile phone before a more polished video was released by the University.

Falwell Jr, of course, is the son of the infamous evangelist of the same name who suggested that gay people might be responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the bigoted tree.

While the story has just started to heat up on social media, people already have some opinions:

Falwell has since clarified that where he said “Muslims” he actually meant “terrorists.” Oops, easy mistake to make, right? I’m sure if Obama accidentally said “Christians” instead of “terrorists” in that phrase, Falwell would be 100% understanding about it. I’m sure he wouldn’t shit a brick and go on for years on a quasi-orgasmic tirade about Obama’s anti-Christian, anti-American, fascist, radical Islamic ideology? Right? Right?!

Me too, Gregory, me too.

Unsurprisingly, a great deal of the (conservative) student body is applauding Jerry Falwell for his remarks. A group of students have started a “Stand With Jerry” Twitter account that is totally down with their President’s attempts to indoctrinate the country with Islamophobia:

Facebook / ABC 13 News- WSET Official Page
Facebook / ABC 13 News- WSET Official Page

The door off the national stage is that way, Jerry. For America’s sake please please take it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

The full cleaned-up video is below:

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